Hot off the press: Literacy Centers Super pack 3

Hello!  Hello! I have been searching high and low for a literacy center packet that covered all of the areas my Kinders are currently at.  I found lots of awesome packets, but I would have still needed to piece together additional activities.  So *light bulb* I created my own packet!

This is the third set of my literacy centers!  See below the first two!

In this SUPER PACK is 20 activities and over 300 pages.

These activities are
great for Literacy Centers!
Activity Titles:
-CVC Word Puzzles & Recording Sheet
-Nonsense Words Game
& Recording sheet
-Stamping Names, Words, Alphabet
-Write the
-Sound Boxes
-Alphabet Tree
-Letter Sorts (multiple
-Letter Caterpillar Alphabetical order
-Rainbow Writing
-Letter Sorts (tails/no tails, upper/lowercase, tall/short)
Set, Go Fluency Practice
-Letter Name Practice Pages
-Word, Build,
-Letter Name & sight word Memory Game
-Handwriting Practice Pages
-Rhyming-O game
-Build a Letter

Word Work SUPER pack 2 {Literacy Centers}
Sentence Decoders CVC Words: 5
Build a CVC Word: 4 pages
Missing Vowel- CVC Words: 4 pages
Sight Word Mats: 52 pages
Alphabet Practice Sheets: 26 pages
Picture Sorts & response sheets: 11 pages
Sentence Detectives- mixed up
sentences: 10 pages
Long Vowel Bee Sort: 11 pages
Runnin’ Over Word
Families & response sheets: 15 pages
Short Vowel Sort & response
sheets: 17 pages
And now for my new packet……
Literacy Centers SUPER Pack #3

This literacy center packet includes 11

Inside the packet:
-ch, sh, th, wh digraph sort &
recording sheet
-Silent e sort & recording sheet
-Write in middle
sounds & recording sheet
-L Blends Sort & recording
-Manipulating Sounds {beginning, middle, & ending}
Ending Consonants {ll, ss, ff} & recording sheet
-Making New Words &
recording sheet
-L Blends Roll & Record sheet
-CK Endings
& recording sheet
-CVC Words & recording sheet

Here are some of the centers in action!

Manipulating middle, beginning, and ending sounds
Sh, Th, Ch, Wh Digraph sort & record
L Blends sort and record
Write in the middle sounds and record
-ck ending sort and record
 Roll a blend & record

Antonym match-ups
 Silent e sort and record
Click below to check our the Preview!
This packet sells for $8 in my TpT store!
Have a nice rest of your weekend!


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