I love Teachers Pay Teachers!

We are in the spirit of love over at Freebielicous!  We are excited to share with you a little of our journeys that led us to TeachersPayTeachers and spread a little love with a giveaway!  You will actually have a chance to win a $10 giftcertficate from the Freebielicous blogs as well as the Freebielicous blog itself! 

So back to why I love Teachers Pay Teachers!  I can hardly remember the teacher I was before I stumbled upon the site.  I remember frantically searching my manila files when I needed a resource (paper cuts included), teaching the same lesson just because it was all I had, or what about the feeling that I must rely on the teacher’s manual..because it must know what my kids really need.

None of those things are horrible…and don’t worry I have still maintained my manila files through this virtual world we live in.  Above all of those things Teachers Pay Teachers has empowered me to  want to be a better teacher and because of that desire…I  am a better teacher!

Okay you are saying a website really made you be a better teacher?  Yes, and then some!  I know that I can not only make materials for my students myself, but I can turn to thousands of teachers from around the world for help.  It’s kind of like a virtual school…all of the bloggers/sellers are just down the hall from me!  I can read their blog posts, follow their pictures on instragram, and purchase materials from them when need be.
Not sure if I have previously shared this, but I am not a crafty person …. at all period!  Because of that we didn’t always do fun, crafty  things or in the TeachersPayTeacher’s world “craftivities.”  So, Mrs. West’s classroom had never heard of a craftivity until TeachersPayTeachers came in our lives!  Now with the help of  great teachers we are crafting it up!  No worry from me…I track down a cute craft and we are set!

Here is a look at some of our craft fun 🙂


The love of Teachers Pay Teachers goes past the classroom too!  I have been blessed by sharing my ideas and materials.  My blog has given me a way to let out my teaching thoughts!  I have this obsession with sharing ideas.  It’s like I can’t stand keeping them in.  I am constantly emailing my team with new ideas I have found, materials I’ve made, etc.  Luckily you guys are not them because your email inbox would never been cleaned out LOL!

So I thought I would end this post with a couple of pictures.  I have been called several things and one I can not deny is I am little nosey…I mean curious!  Yes I am very curious…so now you will no longer need to be curious too!  If you wonder where I work by day here it is…

and the view from my window….

and by night I work here….

I really do LOVE Teachers Pay Teachers and I would love to hear how TpT has impacted you as a teacher.  I want you to all know that I LOVE you too….I appreciate all of your sweet comments and support.  Please know that I am the person I mentioned above {the one that loves to talk school}.  So, feel free to email me anytime!

Now let’s get to the giveaway!  I will be giving away one $ 10 TpT  giftcertificate on my blog and my friends will be giving away on theirs.  Also, don’t forget to visit Freebielicous for additional  chances to win!

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Now hop on over to see Mel D at Seusstastic to see why she loves TpT and enter her $10 giveaway!

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  1. You really are a wonderful person and amazing teacher Tara! I'm so glad i was able to find you in the blogging world and meet you in person in Vegas! I really do use a lot of your creations from TpT and respect your ideas and opinions. Love you Tara!

  2. Dear Tara,
    OMG! I have been following you on TpT and on facebook all this time and had no idea you had a blog. Don't ask me how I missed that but now that I know I am so excited to meet the person behind all those great ideas. I think I first found you on Pinterest with the math tub labels. I printed them out and all my friends were jealous so I directed them to your TpT store and lots of my friends have your beautiful labels. We all teach pre-k in a school devoted just to 4 year olds. So, at any time any of my 24 other friends walk by and see those labels. Ok- too much gushing. But I am happy to have made the connection to all things on facebook, pinterest, TpT and now your blog.

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