Introduction of Subtraction, {Freebie} & More!

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   Here is our infamous {Deanna Jump} Zebra & Giraffe Venn diagram bulletin board!  This is the second time this year we did the comparison.  In January my teaching buddy did walruses and my class studied polar bears!  This time for our zoo unit my class studied giraffes, and her class was zebras!  We get the two classes together after about a week of studying the animal and the students give oral “facts”  about their animal!  It’s so awesome to see how much they learn and so quickly!
In content this week we are going to briefly touch on several subjects like; day & night, living & nonliving, and land & water animals.  A couple of these are quick reviews before we start our Earth Day unit next week.  We began with talking about daytime today.  There are brainpop jr videos for the Sun & Moon if you have a subscription to that 🙂  If you are not familiar with Brain Pop Jr.  you can click the picture below to visit them!
Here is the quick review worksheet we completed today after discussing all of the things we can see in the daytime sky!
Tomorrow we will discuss the nighttime sky and read the book, Stars, Stars, Stars!
These activities along with many others are available in my Science {part 1} packet for sale at Tpt
Now on to subtraction!  Oh yeah!  I’m so impressed with how our introduction to subtraction went today.  I feel the extended time on addition along with the Number Bonds and Number Bracelets really built a strong foundation for subtraction.  We started with a quick intro with the song Ten in a Bed.  The first time through I invited the students to sing along.  The second time through I had them hold up ten fingers and we would take down a finger each time one fell out of the bed!  Click to view the song!
Then I went into modeling subtraction- that looked like this:
  •  Have students put up 2 fingers on one hand and 1 finger on the other hand.
  • How many fingers do you have up in all? 3
  •  Take away the hand with one finger and put it behind your back.
  • How many fingers are left? 2  How do you know? I can count them.
  • Repeat activity using different numbers.
  • Tell students they can take a part of a group like they did with their fingers.
  • Read this story; Sam bought 3 stickers and gave 1 to her brother.
  • Ask: how many stickers do I need for my story?
  • Place 3 stickers onto the sticker subtraction story worksheet
  • How many stickers did Sam give away? 1
  • Draw a “x” through one sticker.  Ask: How many are left?
My teacher model and one of my student’s.
This is our practice worksheet from our math curriculum.  Teacher orally reads the problem; 5 students are on the swings, 2 students leave…how many are left? -sorry for the backwards 3’s 🙂
Get your sticker subtraction story worksheet…here!
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  1. I love your venn diagram. The little giraffe's and zebras are adorable and I don't even teach math or reading. ha ha. I do like zebras tho 🙂

    I am a actually writing specials teacher k-4. I know it's an odd position title, but it has been a lot of fun and very enlightening. Come check it out!

    I am your newest follower!

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