It has been a long time!

Howdy friends!  I can say it’s my tenth or so day of summer vacation!  I was kind of impressed when I saw that and realized that maybe I have been accomplishing something so far after all! LOL!  Well, I’ve been super busy…doing lots of STUFF!

It started with Memorial Day Weekend!  My husband and I took the weekend to fly down to Florida!  This time we went to the Clearwater area!  It was beautiful of course! Missouri or Florida yeah there isn’t even a toss up on that one!

 While in Florida someone thought it would be a great idea to take these “little” speed boats out on the Gulf.  Yeah it was SCARY! If I wasn’t holding on so tight I would be have calling to say my goodbyes!  Big boats make BIG waves and run over little boats!

Here we are in the harbor…still thinking about how “romantic” this ride is going to be!

Well after we got back from Florida I had one last day of school and then two professional days/pack up your room!  Well packing up my room was not typical this year because I was also painting my room!  So I placed everything nicely in the middle of my room!  That was against any OCD ways of mine!
I survived because within a few days my room looked like this…

Now don’t go and throw daggers at me, but I have been up to my room almost everyday this summer!  This is the first time since my first year that I am completely “redecorating” my room!  It is now bright and cheerful! I am just having so much fun playing school/interior decorator.  Below are a couple of sneak peeks!  Don’t worry I will give the full tour soon…maybe I will wait until August? LOL  I think it will take until the end of July to just get my two bulletin boards finished with the scrunched paper border {second photo}  It is a tedious job for sure!

Oh, somewhere between Florida and me redecorating my classroom my husband and I made a quick getaway to Vegas!  We are frequent fliers to Vegas…not sure why but I think it has to do with the pool!  We also saw Boys II Men and they were great!

 A few days back I asked on my Facebook what y’all would like me to work on this summer and I had lots of responses for additional Step by Step Guided Reading weeks! 

So….. here it is!
If you are interested in the additional weeks you can click below to view it!

A preview of the easy readers included!

Also, because you lasted until the end of this random post you get to hear the good news that ALL of my guided reading materials are on sale Monday-Wednesday!  This is a great time to grab my Guided Reading ENDLESS Mega Bundle!


    1. Carrie,

      I know they would! Well unfortunately I don't think I am going to be much help..those shelves are standard for our school. We all have 2 in our rooms! Our school was built in the 90's so not sure where you could find them now!


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