June Strong [personal challenge tracker- a free download]

June Strong Challenge Mat

Hello there and welcome in! This blog generally hosts colorful activities for young learners, but today it offers something for YOU! In this post you will be able to download a free June Strong challenge mat. You can also download an editable version and customize it to fit your needs 100%.

What is the Challenge Mat?

I have been reading about a lot of fitness and healthy eating challenges but none of them seemed to fit me. They required too many consecutive days (you’d have to start over from the beginning with one slip-up) or included tasks that were just not practical at all for me… setting me up for 100% failure. I wanted to customize a challenge mat that worked for me and was POSITIVE. What’s with all of these fitness and healthy challenges that are so aggressive?! I wanted my challenge mat to remind me how I was wonderfully made and remain that way!

We are all at different spots in our health journey! For me personally, I just have not put myself or my health at the forefront. For me, #1 is my work. I love to work and it fills my bucket. I used to think there was something “wrong” with me and that I must be so extremely selfish to enjoy working so much. I finally realized that we all of our outs. Some like to read, workout, watch Netflix, spend time with family, and so on. There was nothing “wrong” with my love for work, but over time I started to focus less on me and more on what project I was tackling next. It was the same routine (similar to a baby’s minus the naps.) I would wake up, eat, work, work some more, work still, eat, work again, still working, and yeah you get the picture!

How could I go for a walk? The gym? Oh, no. If I do that then who is going to get this packet posted? My other bad habit… SODA (totally call it pop but wanted to appear less Midwest ha.) Yeah, I’m guessing you know why my obsession with soda came into play. Not a coffee fan so I needed caffeine. I did switch to those mini cans because it made me feel a little better. Just 12 mini cans today NBD.

I am a verified Type A (blood test confirmed) if you haven’t yet noticed. So, for me I love lists. I wanted my challenge mat to include something I could check off each day! I love lists. Post-it notes, too. Those are my jam.

I designed the challenge mat to be positive, include opportunities for variance, and allow me to check off filling my bucket each day! Now I am not a doctor (clearly with the admission on the 12 mini cans of pop per day.) So please make this challenge mat fit you. Again, there’s an editable version linked below as well!

  • Daily water intake. This one was important for me! I will be striving for the 8 glasses per day. You know probably the research from the 80s and it’s now probably 10.25879 glasses a day requiring math and measuring! If you’re someone that drinks water already then boom give yourself a check.
  • Daily healthy eating. This one is completely open to fit you! If you’re someone that already eats healthy then again plop on a check after your first serving of breakfast avocado toast! I have tried a lot of things and really enjoyed intermittent fasting. However, I have low blood sugar due to my PCOS. So, it started to make me feel a little woozy and my numbers would get too low. I generally follow just eating smaller portions! However, with my blood type and PCOS I really should be limiting my carbohydrates so I will be focusing that. I am not restricting myself to a certain number or saying none. Instead, I am just reminding myself that I can make a good choice!
  • Daily positive thoughts. It really made me sad to think that I don’t already do this. How hard is it to say nice things to myself? I will be striving to read from a personal (not work related) book each day as well. You can also insert music and faith here!
  • Daily movement. Ugh. This one will for be the hardest. Is it hard to walk around the neighborhood? No. How about get on that rowing machine thingy I bought when I was gonna workout last time? It’s actually not hard at all. It just doesn’t give me joy. I really thought again that there was something wrong with me. Some people LOVE to workout and they talk about these endorphins. I get those when I complete my to-do list everyday, but I do NOT get those when working out. When I workout I am just obsessing how behind I’m going to be on my list or I am emailing myself project ideas. Yoga? That’s almost as painful for me as a massage because they don’t allow my phone or post-it notes so if I get an idea I forget it by the time it’s done. Miserable. All that rambling to state that I will be striving for (1) 30 minute walk outside and (1) 30 minute session on my rowing thingy.
  • Daily strength is a very nice way of telling myself do.not.cheat. Don’t.even.think.about.it. Basically I wanted to give myself a daily check-off for being good! You know like a trip to the treasure box for doing your job (teacher talk.)
  • Daily reflection is just about acknowledging how your day went. I am not good about taking pictures of myself like ew. I think the last time I took a selfie was when the hairstylist curled my hair for me. So I could pass it off as if I did it myself. Ha.
  • Daily affirmations. There they are all typed up for you! All we must do is say them to ourselves (and believe them)… easy!

Daily check-offs are built-in on the bottom of the challenge mat! I have my mat laminated. I will check-off each task for that day using a dry-erase marker. However, on the bottom of the mat I will use permanent marker and color in/check that day! This is a 100% positive mat. If a day doesn’t go your way no big deal! We are given tomorrow for a reason! Just try again!

And you thought I’d never stop rambling. Here is the download below! This is the PDF! I host all of my PDFs on Google Docs! You can also try the link directly below and the download will pop up here on my site!

YES! I have an editable version! Here’s the one I custom made for myself! You can change the tasks, add on affirmations, change the month! I wanted mine to be visual and offer more opportunities to check-off within my check-off because I just like to check things off oh so much! My editable file will be hosted in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Click the button below to download the editable version! Again, this is hosted on Google Docs! You must click that white download arrow in the upper right to get it to download in Microsoft PowerPoint. Sorry I don’t believe this can be edited on a phone!

Thank you so much for taking interest in my June Strong challenge mat! Please let me know if you decide to partake in the challenge! Reach out with any questions! My email is LI******************@GM***.COM


  1. So doing this. This year has taken a toll and I need to relax and focus on some much needed self care. Thank you Tara Carpenter West.

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