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Well, here in Missouri the end of the school year is near!  At my school we have 14 more student days!  I noticed that several states go up to June or near mid-June!  This year the only long break we had more than a couple days was for Christmas.  Anyway, I was all prepared to get this post out yesterday, but this is what my view was all day…..

Yes….it is SNOW joke…it’s really snow!  They said it was some kind of record 5.3.13

Anyway, today is a little dreary but I know Summer will be here in no time!  I am already planning the folder I will be sending home with my students over the Summer.  Last year I sent home my Summer Review Packet, but this year I planned out a complete folder!
The folder I am using was the kiddos Daily 5 writing folder so I am just repurposing them!

I actually have so many great ideas for my folders that I am fretting about what to include and what to leave out…..So you make your own decision! If you are in the market for a kid and family friendly packet to send home with your kiddos over Summer break I have just the thing {or things if you would like}!  Be sure to read on for a chance to win a packet!

Here is a snap shot of the folder…These are the items I have selected. 
Like I said still not 100% sure!

Here are the items that I’ve included….

Summer Writing
Summer Common Core Math Review & Calendars
Writing Picture Starters
Blank Writing Paper

The first up is this super awesome packet I just finished compiling- – Summer Writing!

Product Description:The Summer is near and the little ones have just met or are just about to meet their end of the year writing goals. So, you send them out the door and wait for them to return the next year as writing authors. Only, what we don’t expect is that these fantastic writers get busy having fun over the Summer and sometimes forget those skills they learned. So, fix that problem! Send the students with writing practice that is FUN!

Common Core Aligned: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.K.1, W.K.2, W.K.3

Included in this packet:

Informative Writing
Opinion Writing
Narrative Writing
Procedural “how to” Writing
Fiction Writing
Persuasive Writing

Each writing type is 3 pages {1 page of prompts/instruction and 2 templates}.

Print students pages 3-22, staple, and send home with students over Summer Break.

This packet is versatile…if you don’t want to send it home with students over Summer break, then use this packet within your classroom! The templates can easily be used over and over again!

This is a snap shot of the persuasive writing prompt page for parents and the writing template for students to complete their story on.  There is also blank writing pages within the packet.  Which is what I will also be sending home with my kiddos!

This packet is $3.  Click below to view on TpT!

I will also be sending home the review of Kindergarten Common Core math standards!  This packet comes with a 3 month quick daily math skill checks, practice pages, and incentives for completion.

math calendars

practice pages

Product Description:

Common Core Summer Review/Homework Packet {Kindergarten}
This packet can be used as an end of the year classroom review or be sent home with students at the end of the school year for summer review!

Consider this- – Research has shown that students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation over the summer months.

Inside the Packet:
Teacher instructions
3 Summer Calendars with daily common core review topics (Standard listed daily)
18 Common Core practice sheets
2 sheets of incentives/reward coupons

Practice Sheets: (standard listed on each page)

Starfish Count K.CC.1 Order the Turtles K.CC.2
Write Them in the Sand
Count them Up K.CC.5
Leaping Lizards K.CC.6 Number Compare K.CC.7
Grab your Shades K.oA.1
Floatie Trouble K.OA.2 Number Bond:5 K.OA.3 (2 pages)
Water Balloon Fun K.OA.4
Addition/Subtraction Timed Practice K.OA.5
Place Value Fishies K.NBT.1 (4 pages)
Ship up or Set Sail K.MD.1
Help out Mr. Crab K.MD.2
Shorts or Suits K.MD.3
Mmmm a Shape Shake K.G.1
Shading the Shapes K.G.3

This packet sells for $6.  Click below to view in my TpT store!

Additional ideas……

Writing Picture Starters {pack of 20}

Inside the Packet:
20 Writing Picture Starter Templates

It sells for $2.50.  Click above to view!

Common Core ELA Summer Review Packet {Kindergarten}
This packet can be used as an end of the year classroom review or be sent home with students at the end of the school year for summer review!

Inside the Packet:
Letter ID Practice (26 pages) RF.K.1
CVC/Vowel Practice (5 pages) RF.K.2
Rhyming Riddles (1 page) RF.K.2
High Frequency word cards (6 pages) RF.K.3
Letter Names/Sounds cards (3 pages) RF.K.3

This packet sells for $4.50.  Click above to view!

I L-O-V-E this packet!  However, I handed it out at conferences to my parents.  So, I will not be placing it in their Summer folder.

Product Description:

Ready, Set, First {an introduction to first grade ELA & Math common core standards}

This packet is designed as a reference for Kindergarten parents. It is an overview of the important standards that will be expected of their soon to be first grader. I am more than aware that the transition from Kindergarten Common Core Standards to First Grade Common Core Standards is quite a task. So, why not help prepare these little Kinders? 

A majority of the ELA and Math standards are covered in this easy send home packet. I have 25 students in my classroom so I made this packet quite condensed so it would be manageable to run a copy for each student in the classroom. 

This packet would be great to send home at Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences or for Summer Break! Simply print pages 3-17 and you’re done!

Standards covered in this packet: key details in text, long & short vowels, phoneme segmentation, manipulating beginning, middle, & ending sounds in words, sight word recognition, addition problems with multiple addends, addition & subtraction problems solving for more and less, missing numbers in equations, rote counting, counting on, place value, more than/less than/equal to, time to hour & half hour, and fractions.

This packet sells for $3.  Click above to view in my TpT store!

Now for your chance to win one of these babies…..


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I will select three winners Sunday evening!  Happy pinning to win!


  1. Goodness, I can't believe that you are a getting snow in May! We only have 12 more days with the kiddos. I LOVE the summer packets! We usually send home an idea sheet but there are some par nets that would definitely need a packet for extra practice!



    The Bilingual Teacher

  2. This wacky weather is making me worried what the summer will bring! We still have 23 days with kiddos. I love the idea of sending something home over the summer for them to work on. Thanks for putting this together!

    Becky (Tx*******@gm***.com)

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