Kindegarten Awards Freebie!

  Just wanted to leave you with a freebie!  These awards are super cute and look great diplayed on your door!

I can tie my shoes
I can name numbers 0-20
I can sing the ABC song
I can state my alphabet

DJ Inkers Graphics

I know! I know! Back to school already?? HA! If you are thinking about Back to School
I will leave you with this Back to School packet for $6…

PS. 15 days until I leave for I Teach K in Vegas!! 🙂


  1. Cute! This year, my goal is to have all of my firsties tie their own shoes by December. It was such a struggle for many of them this year and the year ended with four children still not being able to do it. I'll have to be more proactive this year. And I mean REALLY tie them. Some kids never were able to get a tight enough knot… Drove me crazy!

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