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Kindergarten word families

Kindergarten Word Families!

Hey all and thanks so much for popping by!  Today I would like to take you through my new curriculum program- – KinderWordFamilies!  This program was requested by many teachers that teach word families explicitly in their classrooms!  Like all of my other curriculum programs… they are comprehensive and require only one addition– “just add kids”. HA!  Be sure to read on as I offer a FREE WEEK of the program for you to try it out yourself! 🙂

Below I will discuss each part of the program, leave you with some videos to see the program in action, and leave you the link to grab the freebie week! Here is a look at the interactive games included in the program!

As I mentioned above, all of my curriculum programs include explicit and “scripted” teacher lesson plans!  You ask, “Do I really need that? I know how to teach!”  Well, here’s the thing…as teachers we are rock stars.  However, there are the times you are sick and need a substitute,  the mentor of your grade and need to ‘teach’ your new teachers, have an aide or para and need to leave them lesson plans, and the list goes on!  For all of those reasons I include explicit teacher lesson plans in my programs.  I’m not into packets of worksheets that are labeled with “curriculum”.  I feel that leaves for a lot of gray space and uncertainty on how to teach the skills.  However, on the opposite end of that is this– just because it’s in the lesson plans doesn’t mean you can’t add your own touch 😉  So, now that I am done rambling on why the lesson plans are included, let’s talk nitty gritty!

Each week you will have Monday-Friday lesson plans that follow the same systematic approach! That assists you in your teaching and planning.  A systematic approach to phonics of course is researched based for positive results!  Below I will describe the tasks for each day, Monday-Friday.

Monday: introduce the word family, display the word family poster, read together the word family poem, search for skill-based words within the poem, sort the word family cards, independent practice

Tuesday: review the word family, reread the word family poem, resort the word family cards, build word family words with magnets, independent practice

Wednesday: review the word family, auditory word family work, word family interactive reader, build word family words with magnets, independent practice

Thursday: review the word family, auditory word family work, word family flashcards, word family interactive reader, word family generator, build word family words with magnets, independent practice

Friday: review the word family with the interactive game, word family flashcards, skill assessment, student easy reader

Kindergarten word families

What about assessment?

With any successful curriculum program comes the assessment piece!  I feel that assessment is vital… not that I am for stopping teaching to take tests.  However, I feel that it is important that we are gaining knowledge on the results of our teaching. Are the kiddos picking it up?  If not what can I do?  The program includes a QUICK weekly assessment piece and I also included an assessment tracker!  Now let’s say you aren’t pro-tests…well remember what I said earlier about putting your special touch on the program?  😉

Kindergarten word families

Below is a look at the quick and simple assessment!  The lesson plans include assessment prompts for each word!  The assessment should only be five or ten minutes max!  If you choose to not take the assessments then there is still plenty for your kiddos to do on day five!

Kindergarten word families

Okay!  Now let’s talk about all the goodies that are included in the program!  If you have purchased my programs before then you know I strive to include ALL necessary pieces to my program!  The same goes for this program!  One of the best things about this program is the interactive materials that are included which send the program way over on the “cool” scale.

The program includes word family readers!  Now a couple things about the readers!  There are TWO versions of each reader include.  One version is considered “on level” and there is also an advanced reader included.  Well you ask, “What about my below readers?”  Well, in the lesson plans you are encouraged to use the readers throughout the week whole group.  You can use the interactive version if you have that capability!  The goal is that by the end of the week…even your “lower” leveled kiddos will be able to handle the readers!  There are also color and black/white versions of each reader!  Also, within the program I offer a video to assist you in printing the readers with ease!

Kindergarten word families

View the interactive readers in action below!


The program also includes these adorable word family classroom posters!  I feel it’s important that our learning becomes part of our classroom!  By displaying these posters the kiddos are excited to see all of their new learning and what they’ve accomplished!

Kindergarten word families

The program also contains a weekly word family poem!  There are two versions of each poem included as well!  If you use poetry notebooks in your classroom then you can also shrink the poems down and have the kiddos glue them into their notebooks!

Kindergarten word families

The students are asked throughout the week to sort their word family cards!  I’ve included a color version for your teacher pocket chart and also a black/white version.  You can use the black/white version for student sets and have the kiddos use them in a partnership or place the cards into a literacy center!  The sort cards are also great to bring back to your guided reading table!

Kindergarten word families

I have also included fluency cards in two versions!  I love to take these out to the hallway and have the kiddos state a word as they enter the restroom!

Kindergarten word families
Also included in the program are daily practice sheets!  Below is a look at a few of the days!

Kindergarten word families

Kindergarten word families

Kindergarten word families

On day four the kiddos create their own word family flip book!

Kindergarten word families

Below is a video that shows an overview of the program, the interactive readers, and the interactive games!


Below is an overview of the items included in the program!  I have also been asked to remove the branding, “KinderWordFamilies,” along the bottom so that the program can be used in other grades as well!  I have done that!  In your download you will look for the file titled, “KinderWordFamilies UNBRANDED”.

What is included in the program?

-20 weeks of EXPLICIT teacher scripted lesson plans (5 days of lesson plans per week)
-20 printable easy readers and 20 advanced readers (black/white and color versions)
-20 INTERACTIVE easy readers and 20 advanced readers
-Daily practice sheets
-Weekly word family poster
-Weekly word family flashcards
-Weekly word family word sorts

What word families are included?

Week 1 — -at: cat, mat, hat, fat, rat, bat
Week 2—an: can, man, fan, ran, van, pan
Week 3– ag: rag, wag, bag, flag, sag, tag
Week 4–ap: cap, map, nap, gap, tap, sap
Week 5–ad: bad, sad, pad, mad, lad, dad
Week 6– ig: dig, fig, wig, pig, big, rig
Week 7–in: tin, fin, win, bin, pin, kin
Week 8–ip: dip, lip, hip, sip zip, rip
Week 9–it: kit, sit, pit, bit,hit, fit
Week 10–ob: cob, sob, bob,job,rob,mob
Week 11– og: log, frog, dog, fog, hog, jog
Week 12–op: top, cop, mop, pop, hop, shop
Week 13–ot: hot, dot, cot, pot, tot, rot
Week 14–ed: bed, red, wed, led, fed, sled
Week 15–en: hen, den, pen, wren, ten, men
Week 16–et: jet, vet, pet, get, wet, net
Week 17– ub: cub, sub, tub, rub,grub,stub
Week 18–ug: rug, hug, tug, jug, bug, mug
Week 19–un: bun, run, nun, spun, fun, sun
Week 20–ut: hut, cut, shut, rut, gut, nut

Now time for the FREEBIE! Be sure to click HERE to access the free week of KinderWordFamilies!  In the freebie download you will snag all of the lesson plans, worksheets, home connection, interactive game, interactive reader, and easy readers for the week! **Please note that this is a zipped file.  Most likely you will not be able to download a zipped file on your phone!  Be sure to bookmark the site and come back to download once on a computer 🙂  You can also download the free week by clicking on the image below!


 You can view the program on TPT by clicking HERE or on the image below!

Kindergarten word families


  1. OMG! I just downloaded the free 1st week. I cannot wait to use it tomorrow with my high Pre-Kinders!! I am going to buy the whole program too since it’s marked down! !

  2. Hey Tara!
    I’m just heading over to TPT to purchase the program- so excited for this!
    I am too late for the bonus home connection piece; is it available somewhere separate? I can’t locate it on TPT.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. I’m working on a first grade version now! If you kiddos are working solely on CVC that would be the Kinder version! The first grade version will be ack, amp, and, ang, etc : )

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