Literacy Center Updates {freebie too!}

Hey friends!  This will be a little bit of a double-dose in literacy center updates because I’ve been slacking! 🙂  For some reason I was soooooo tired at the beginning of the week!  Feeling well rested now!  I will also share a Veteran’s Day video with you below as well!

First words puzzle pieces.

Thanksgiving sight word memory  – – so cute!!!
Sentence Decoders– – I write the word on the back of each card so they can self-check.

 I am also using the super cute mini CVC “toys” as a fun way to practice writing CVC words.  They will use the CVC Word Work recording sheet  to record their answers.

Scrumptious Sentences and recording sheet!  This packet comes with 4 different sentence versions.  I used only two at a time.

LOVE this one…it’s so super cute! Basket Full of Sight Words.

This is a Thanksgiving beginning sound sort for the letters Pp and Tt.  You can grab the sorting mats, cards, and recording sheets as a FREEBIE below!

Below is a Veteran’s Day tribute video I shared with my students on Friday.  This video makes holding back tears quite difficult.  I go back and forth with what images I should share with my students about this day.  However,  I feel that students at this age a lot of times only understand the true meaning of something after they see it for themselves- – that is abstract ideas like men & women giving their lives to protect us.  On Friday we also made place mats which will be sent to the troops for their Thanksgiving meal.

We will also be reading this easy reader on Monday.

And reading this book!


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