Literacy Centers!

Hi friends! I hope you are having an excellent week! Tomorrow is Friday so it can only go up from here 🙂 I wanted to share with you a few of my current literacy centers.  We are working a lot on nonsense words, short/long vowels, & parts of speech. 
Parts of Speech Literacy Sort-  My kiddos have loved having this sort during literacy centers.  Last year we were a little shaky on adjectives, but this year with the help of great Tpt Packets & Whole Brain Teaching my kiddos know their nouns, verbs, & adjectives very well.  In this activity students sort the ice cream into nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  Students then record their answers onto the corresponding recording sheet {see below}.
Click {here} to view this sort on Tpt!
Brown Bag Special: Nonsense vs Real Words
Oh yeah nothing like working at McDonald’s while sorting nonsense words 🙂  Students simply sort the french fries into the real or nonsense words brown bag.  After the sorting is completed students write their answers on the corresponding recording sheet {see below}.
Brown Bag Special: Short Vowels vs Long Vowels
In this activity students sort the hamburgers into short vowels vs long vowels brown bag.  After the sort is compete students write their answers on the recording sheet {see below}.
Click {here} to view these sorts on TpT
Nonsense vs Real Word
This is a literacy center activity I came up with last year!  It is one of my favorites 🙂  Below I will explain how to set up your binder. 
Above you can see the supplies you will need: 3 whole punch, binder, scissors, & nonsense sheets from the packet.
3 whole punch the nonsense sheets and place them in the binder.
Cut the nonsense sheet into 3 equal parts.
The students turn the sheets {in no order}.  They can turn just the first column, the middle column, the last column, or a combination of all three.  You can see above an example of one of my students.  The student write the letters and circles yes if the word is real.
Click {here}to view this literacy center activity on TpT


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