Math & Literacy Centers, Bulletin Board Ideas, Behavior Management & more!

Okay!  I think I will survive!  My sub plans are done for the three days I will be gone! 

I want to fill you in with everything I’ve been up to- in the classroom!!

Literacy Centers

I’ve changed out my literacy centers throughout September… I like to add games that we have played in small group or whole class. This way they are aware of what they need to do.

Word Work #1

Capital Alphabetical Order & Fluency Sheets

I got the fabulous cookie sheet activities {here}.  The fluency sheets in the basket are great for AimsWeb or Dibels practice.  I purchased a digital timer from the Dollar Tree & put several layers of tape across the “beeper.”  This way when the timer goes off it is not as loud.  The students presses the start button on the timer and says as many letter names/sounds as they can in 1 minute.

You can easily make your own fluency sheets but click {here} for a freebie!!

Word Work #2

Lowercase Alphabetical Order & ABC clips!

The lowercase version!  Also, in the basket and really hard to see is a super cute ABC clip game!
Click the picture below to grab this game for free from FCRR!

Word Work #3
Cookie Sheet Rhyming, rhyming puzzle cards and  PSF sound train!
The rhyming cookie sheet activity comes from the same packet linked in Word Work #1.
The PSF sound train comes from the Mailbox below…. it is so awesome and well worth the buy!
Click the cover to view sample pages from The Mailbox
Math Centers
Here’s one of my new math centers!  It is cost effective & so fun for the kiddos.  I purchased the muffin pan and pom poms at the Dollar Tree!

Click {here} to my Math Centers Super Pack!  15 activities Common Core aligned and Kindergarten appropiate!!

Behavior Management
We love our little ones and the progress they’ve made by the end of the year.  However, sometimes jumping the behavior hurdles can be the most challenging.  I have showed you my stone jar & easy button which I love.  Although, this year I felt the need to have a much larger visual than a little gem stone!  So *light bulb* I pulled out a clear container and my niece loaned me some of her plastic bounce house balls!  I decided to call it my gumball machine!  The kids are very intrigued by the gumball machine and are working hard so we can put in gumballs!  I am rewarding the kiddos with a special snack, extra recess, songs, etc.

Also…. grab my Treasure Chest freebie below!  I have this for a few of my little ones that need their own behavior incentive chart.  When they get all the stickers they get to visit the treasure chest!
Click the photo to get the freebie!
Bulletin Board Ideas
We have been writing captions in writing…. so I cut pictures from magazines and had the kiddos write a caption for their pictures!  They did a super job!
I also took pictures of the students on their favorite playground equipment!  This was a favorite writing activity for sure!  I taped the picture of them to the paper and they wrote a caption for their picture.
I like the swings.  
I like the slide. 
I like the jungle gym.
I would love to post the picture – but too many kiddo pictures!!
Here’s our Pete the Cat bulletin board!  It turned out super cute as well!
Classroom Photos
Our noun posters from the TeacherWife and our writing topics chart!  The kids are doing excellent with nouns this year!  Next week we are starting with action verbs!!
Daily 5 Posters
RTI: Letter Name InterventionDo you have some little ones that need help with their letters?  Well I found the best letter name intervention kit!  It’s not from a big company…it’s from Tpt! Abby Mullins ie: Babbling Abby, has made a super easy to implement program! I have a master copy teacher binder, 1 student binder, and student spiral notebooks for each student.  You could make more than 1 student binder, but I prefer to work one-on-one with my kiddos.
Click {HERE} to view on TpT!
Have superb week!


  1. Nice centers! How do your kiddos do with their writing so early in the school year?and, Wow!, they're learning about nouns! How do they do with that? How do you deal with the strugglers who aren't quite ready for all of it?

  2. HI Tara! I love to see what you are using in your classroom! I also made the RTI binder from Babbling Abby and I am really excited to use it! I am going to get the student notebooks ready this week and get going. I have just finished the first AIMSweb letter fluency test with my 30 kids and I have 5 in dire need of intervention. Not too many really. The rest are split between on grade level and advanced, so I really need to get the lowest kids to learn their letters! The gap will just get bigger if I don't! Thank you for all of your great ideas!

  3. Lee Ann- Most of my students are writing "I like" or "I like the" sentences. I have a few that are writing their own sentences without those sentence starters. I also have a few that are writing I and maybe the first sound in the word. They are doing great with the nouns! We review it everyday and they teach their partners about nouns each day as well!

    Cindy- It's always so nice to hear from you!! 🙂

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