May Bundle Giveaway!

It is that time!  Time for the May Bundle Giveaway 🙂  Where did the rest of the year go, but we say that EVERY year!  I am so excited to share with you my Summer literacy centers!  My kiddos will be starting these on Monday so I was ahead of the game and got them all prepped the week before!  Be sure to read to the bottom of the post as you will have a chance to win these literacy centers along with a couple other great packets!

CCVC Sailboats in the Water Match Ups
For this activity students will read the CCVC word on the water, then match it to the sailboat with the picture card. Students will write their answers on the corresponding recording sheet!


Sunny New Words

This one is for sure the challenge of the packet!  Students will need to manipulate sounds in the word to create a new word!  They will write the word on the laminated sheet and record all of the words on their recording sheet.

Nonsense in the Sea

For this activity students will sort the ocean cards to the correct mat {nonsense words/real words}.  They will complete this activity by writing each word onto their sheet.

Beach Ball Line Up

LOVE sight word activities…can never practice sight words too much 🙂  For this activity

 students will pull a sight word card and then build the word using the “beach balls.”  They will also write their answers on the corresponding recording sheet!

CH vs. TR Seashell Sort

Bless their little hearts, but some of mine still don’t quite have down the tr/ch…I mean I know what they are saying so does it matter? 😉  This sort will help for sure to gaining an understanding of the difference.  This center does ask the students to record their answers so I have written each word on the back of the cards to help the ease of recording!

You will have a chance to win these centers at the end of the post!  However, I am placing the packet on sale for a $1 off until the end of the week!


Also, new for May is Teachers Taking Back Their Weekends!  I am super excited about this month’s version! {see the preview below}.  It covers a variety of themes and is just FUN! 🙂

Included in the packet as always is 2 literacy centers and 2 math centers!  This literacy center, Gone Buggy with Blends, asks students to match the blend to the picture!  Students will also record their matches on the sheet!

I admit that I am not the biggest fan of write the room, but I thought I could try something new since it IS May! 🙂  This adorable write the room is summer/beach themed!

Standardized measurement is something that went away after my first year of teaching.   I understand it is a difficult concept, but it is a life skill right?!  This math center, Measure up the Beach, gives students items from the ocean/beach.  They will use their snap cube stick to measure each and record their answers!

 This is another center that meets my kiddos’ need right now!  We have now covered addition and subtraction.  They did really well and have a basic understanding of both concepts.  However, I noticed that they did not always check over their answers, 2-1=2…“Well you had 2 apples and I took one apple, how could you still have 2 left if I took one away?”  So, in this activity students will have to decide if the card is TRUE or FALSE!  I included addition and subtraction.  You could also choose to mix the two- -ahhh tricky!

My May Taking Back Weekends packet ha 150 pages and covers; writing, word work, math, content, recess, and also includes a sub lesson plan based on the book Enemy Pie! Click below to view that packet if you’d like!

Now to the May Bundle Giveaway!!!!  It is super easy, I promise!  Enter on the rafflecopter below.  The sale ends Friday, May 2nd! 🙂

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Also, if you didn’t see it on Facebook…I am offering this quick and easy FREEBIE Mother’s Day story booklet!  You can click below to grab the freebie!


Later gators!


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