Meet the Teacher Night {freebies}

Hey, hey, hey!  It seems like we are all in a little bit of a different spot..some have already started, some start Monday, some later next week, and a few LUCKY ones are starting after Labor Day!  For me teachers go back this Monday…along with meet the teacher night for our Kindergarten friends…and the first day of school being on Thursday, August 21st!
For those of you that are still needing meet the teacher night material I’m about to share just that…if you’ve already had meet the teacher night this year you can always use that handy-dandy storing device called: Pinterest πŸ™‚

I’ve always placed a cutsey cover on my student open house folders!  I think it draws attention to what fun we will have this year!  I moved away from me dear giraffes and lived it up with a lion this year!  Would you like to customize one for your class? Guess what…you can do just that!  I will leave the link below for your to download the editable file!

Once inside the folder I place all of my information or school information that does not need to be returned on one side.  I then place all of the paperwork that needs returned on the other side…I know nothing new haha!!!  So first up on my side of the folder is my “Meet Mrs. West” letter. 

Up next is a quick reminder to to parents the needed school supplies for the year!  You will also be able to edit this file to fit your classroom needs!

I love, love, love this note!  A sweet teaching buddy of mine made this!  I am NOT this creative!  So important for parents to understand in kid-friendly terms what kindergarten is all about!  You can get this note along with the cover and supplies sheet by clicking below!

Be sure to “download” the freebie in order to edit the text!  Borders from Kelly B and graphics from Whimsy Clips.

I will also be giving each kiddo their little goldfish treat bag!  I shared these tags prior but you can download them HERE.

I also wanted to share how I collect the kiddos new supplies at open house.  I know,  I know it would be MUCH easier if I just had the students divide and conquer their supplies…I just like to have my hand in it πŸ˜‰  Anyway, another smart teaching buddy introduced me to these adorable bags.  This is the third year I have used them and each year I just save them for the next.  It’s a little hard getting paper grocery bags around here…they kind of treat them like gold!  Anyway, the students will place their supplies in the bag, leave it in their seat, and then I divide the supplies up before school starts!

Would you like to snag these bag notes?  Click below! Borders from Kelly B and graphics from Whimsy Clips.

Once I get a few minutes I then separate the supplies. I do a mix of individual and community supplies.  For the supplies that are community I place them into their labeled tubs.

I then place the remaining individual supplies in the student crayon boxes.  I went away from chair pockets so the kiddos will now keep their crayon boxes in a tub.  

Now I just need to decide which way to have the students place their supplies in the tubs! πŸ™‚ The below picture makes more sense, BUT only if the boxes get closed!

I hope you rock meet the teacher night!  I will be back soon with more back to school wonderful-ness! πŸ™‚


  1. These are fantastic. I love all of it especially the note for the paper bags for supplies. I was just getting ready to make one this morning before I read your post! Thank you for sharing so many fabulous resources.

  2. I don't know how you do it!! You're AMAAAAZING! Thank you so much for this–I was just trying to figure out what I would have the kiddos doing while parents fill out paper work–voila'–Tara provides the cute lion page for coloring! THANKS a mill! So excited about this year and using your guided reading materials.

  3. Hi Tara! Love your blog and products. Thanks for the freebies. I also love your supply labels – where can I find them? Hoping to get organized next week. Thanks again for all of your great ideas!

  4. HI Tara, I love these freebies and thank you so much, however I cannot download them… I can only see one page per "freebie". There is a message at bottom of page that says, "Whoops! Having a problem loading more pages"… and then nothing else happens. I tried the link you also provided in a previous comment and the same thing happens. πŸ™ Any suggestions?? Email perhaps? I would love to have all of these freebies; I just can't get them to download. Thank you… Dawn Garlow se*********@ho*****.com

  5. I just found this idea on Pinterest as I desperately search for organization ideas (I'm taking the plunge from desks to tables!)–I love how you're storing your students' toolboxes… Do you happen to remember where the baskets are from??

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi there Kristin! I purchased them at the Dollar General but have not seen them there this year πŸ™ I need a new set as well because the kiddos wrote on them … hope to find them again this year! They are Sterlite brand! πŸ˜€


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