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Happy Wednesday!  I seem to be a little too happy that it is Wednesday!  That would because we have a 4 day weekend this week- no school Friday & Monday!  Yay!  Instead of a week long Spring break we have 3-4 days weekends throughout Winter-Spring.  It is so nice to have those little frequent breaks.  I would usually just hang out at home and catch up on the computer during breaks, but this time my husband and I are heading out of town!  We are actually flying out to Vegas on Friday and will return on Monday.
I went to Vegas this past July for the Kindergarten conference and now I’m headed back!
In writing this week we began writing messages.  The kids are having a blast writing messages to their friends and families!  On Monday we read Dear Mr. Blueberry.  If you haven’t read the book before it’s super cute.  The little girl writes messages to her teacher explaining that she has a whale living in her pond.  He explains to her how that is not  possible.  They continue to write back and forth.
My students then wrote a message to Mr. Blueberry asking him a question about whales.  I’m not sure about your kiddos but it took A LOT  of practice on how we write questions!  They are really starting to get it now.
How many pounds does a whale weigh?  How big are whales?  Do whales have teeth?
This is a hallway display from my teaching buddy, Ashley Klein.
Mom, I am listening to the teacher.
Click {here} to download the freebie message paper!

I’ve been working on a few updates…see below!  If you are interested click the picture to view on Teachers pay Teachers.

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Have a great rest of the week friends!


  1. I have Friday and Monday off too 🙂 tomorrow we have a pd day so technically I'm considering it a 5 day weekend. Lol. Have fun in Vegas! I'm so jealous


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