More on Writing Strips!

Happy Sunday!  I wanted to take a quick moment to give you the latest updates on my writing strips!  I have received numerous requests for more!  So, I have delivered 🙂  I have now bundled all four sets: CVC, CVCe, CVCC, and CCVC!

Below is a cutie from my class working on the CVCe strips!

And CVC practice!

The individual packets….

And the bundle….
The bundle is discounted $2!
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Just needed to share that. My heart is is hurting, but I know with God all things are possible!  I already know it, but just need to keep reminding myself!  I hope if you have anything in your life that you don’t feel like is going the way you planned…you too remember that God has plan for us.  Have a great week..nothing will brighten us up like a little Christmas cheer from 5 and 6 year olds 🙂


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