More Opinion Writing! {freebie}

Alrighty friends we have continued to work on opinion writing!  We do ALOT of Whole Brain Teach-OK when working on our opinion writings!  We share with out partners about the adjectives we can describe as to why we do or do not something.  Opinion writing is a blast to say the least!

For this opinion writing prompt, “do you like marshmallows?”  I gave the students a marshmallow to taste test and gain adjectives to describe the marshmallow.  Miraculously all of them wanted a marshmallow, but when we went to write a few of them no longer liked marshmallows- – only in Kindergarten! 😉

  See an example below and scroll down to grab the freebie template!

I like marshmallows because they are good.
Click here to download the freebie!

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