My week… in details!

Hey there!  So today was the 3rd day of school and it was fabulous!!  I can tell we are going to have a great year.  They know how to stand quietly, walk in a line, raise their hands, and they have all mastered writing their names!  I LOVE Kindergarten!  Shh! We better keep how fabulous it is a secret or the others will be trying to trade us! 🙂

It was totally my fault to give you plans without any details!  So, here it is really detailed…. you can skim and I won’t be offened! 🙂

7:55- Students come in the classroom, sit at thier tables, I call students over 2-3 at a time to give me their folder & put their backpacks away in the hallway.  I then quickly take attendence and lunch count {our students now have a choice for their lunch so this all new}

8:05- I call tables down to the carpet for Calendar.  We talk about the date, today, yesterday, tomorrow, weather, season, days in school {we keep straws, place value chart, and place fish into the fish bowl poster for days in school}.  We then sing the days of the week, months of the year, and the pledge.  I am eventually going to start the Calendar Books I purchased from Growing Kinders!

8:15  This is our opening for our reading series.  It is filled with quick but effective mini lessons.  The beginning of year we start with rhyming and phonological awareness activities.  We end the year with substituion and blending. 

8:25 Restroom

8:35  Reader’s Workshop: This is also covered in our reading series.  We have a read aloud story on Mondays, Big Book on Tuesdays, 2 decodable readers for Wednesday & Thursday and Fridays we have poems.  The start of the series in which we are on right now calls for a poem/song read aloud and 2 concepts {letter names, names, book handling, rhyming, etc}

8:55-9:55 Daily 5- Reading Groups.  After Daily 5 is up and running I will be meeting with 4 reading groups each day at 12-14 minutes each.  Right now we are establishing Daily 5 Routines.  I am following the 5 week slow start to the Daily 5.  We will spend one week on each Daily 5’s {read to self, read to someone, work on writing, word work, and listen to reading}  We will continue to build stamina with read to self during each of the weeks.  Today we first talked about the 3 ways to read a book {read the pictures, read the words, ad

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