Name Badge Activities FREEBIE!

Click the photo to grab your freebie!
Happy Sunday!  I showed you a couple of days ago the name badges I had purchased at Staples.  Well, I went ahead and out together some activities/games for the name badges.  I have 2 sets of name badges; 1 set from Really Good Stuff and 1 set from Staples.  I’m sure you can get them other places as well.  I love the name badge idea because no matter what you’re working on, you can simply switch out the inserts and go!  Inside the packet I made you can play:

– Match Uppercase to Lowercase
– Alphabetic Order
– Rhyming
– Match numeral to number word
– Numeric Order
– AB and ABC patterns

I have coded each set of cards in case they were to get mixed up.  The best part you ask- it’s a freebie!  Enjoy!

More freebies you say???

Classroom Labels- click picture to download.
Music, PE, art, library, and computer cards.  Click picture to download.


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