Narrative Writing {freebies}

Yesterday we finished up our second look at narrative writing this year!  We completed the unit with “polished” narrative story booklets!  Since this was our second look at narrative writing we added additional features:

-added feelings
-Using words like first, next, last
-we added an opening and closing to our stories
-added details to our pictures for our readers to better understand

The kids did really great!  We started with just simple narratives in our journals.  We then moved on to preparing for our polished writing by placing our story in a narrative writing template {freebie see below!}  We then competed the writing by using our narrative story booklets {free see below}

Here are some snap shots of our final writings……

Opening: On Easter I got wack-it {Wreck-It} Ralph and like it!

First I woke up.  Next we were waiting.  Last we had  Easter.  Closing:  That was Easter!

The Skating Rink

Opening: When I was five my family went to the skating rink.  First,

my mom signed in.  Next, I put my shoes on.  Last, I skated.

Closing: that was my day at the skating rink!

If you would like to grab the freebie narrative writing template and story booklets click below to download! 

Have a great day! 🙂


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