New Math Centers? Yes, Please! {freebies too}

I’ve just recently bundled all three of my math center packets into one deluxe bundle!  
I wanted to share with y’all the updates I have made to the math center super #3 or formerly known as “Active Play Math Centers.”  My vision and heart towards the active play math centers was there and I loved the the final product and my kids have really enjoyed the centers as well.  I just didn’t take into account the extra time it would be to gather all of the necessary materials.  So, I listened to my dear fans and I added ‘printable” materials for all of the centers.  I lowered the center count and ultimately lowered the price to match the new center count.  You can see below snap shots from the new and improved packet! 🙂

The packet includes 25 math centers with everything you’ll need included!  Simply print, laminate, cut, and use!  There are also recording sheets included within the packet to keep students held responsible for their work.  Each activity has directions, and the “what it’s all about” blurb, teacher prep, and common core standards are listed on each activity.

Flower Picking

Match flowers to number stated on each flower pot.

Serving Cupcakes

Pull a card. “Serve” that number of cupcakes on your platter {printable included}.
Apple Picking

Pull a card.  “Pick” that number of apples and place inside your basket {printable included}.
Pebble Pick Up

Pull a card.  “Pick up” that many pebbles and place in your bucket {printable included}.


Also included in the packet are math center “how many can play?” signs and student observation recording sheets!

Each of my math center packets sell for $6.50 or save $4.50 and purchase the deluxe bundle with all three packets for $15!  You can click on each packet below!

How about some FREEBIE math center ideas too!
Click on each link to view the FREEBIE! 🙂

17 more school days until Thanksgiving Break!  Just can’t believe that!
Where has the year gone?   Have a super Monday!

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