New projects & some FREEBIES!

School is quickly approaching!  Students come back August 23rd for me!  I have been trying to stay productive even though I can’t really put my room together yet.  My floors should be done at the beginning of the week!  I had a nightmare the other night that I was frantically running down the hallway on my first day because I hadn’t prepared anything (so NOT me!!!)  Who else dreams about school?  I’m sure ALL of us! 🙂 
Below are some of my newest projects and keep reading to find a few freebies!  Happy Friday!!
These are simple practice sheets to implement in your classroom. These practice sheets have students sort the objects, graph their data, and lastly represent the data using tally marks. I feel it’s so important for students to know they can show their answers in multiple ways! This resource is excellent for that! Common Core Aligned: Standards- K.MD.3 and 1.MD.4. They sell in my TpT store at $3 for a 25 page packet!!
Who doesn’t love playdoh!  90 Pages of PLAYDOH fun!!  Numbers 0-20, Letters, and 40 HF Words!  Words included  in the packet: I, like, the, and, can, we, a, to, come, me, with, my, you, what, are, now, is, how, find, this, will, be, go, for, make, play, good, said, she, all, he, no, do, down, have, help, look, out, take, off.  This packet sells at $3.50 for 90 pages!
This is one of my new faves!!!  So simple – yet so useful!  Students roll cube, student then give a word that rhymes with the picture on the cube! Inside the Packet: 2 pre finished cubes,
1 blank cube, and 2 Corresponding Recording Sheets.  Sells for $2!
Now to the  freebies!!!
I use this label for my Daily 5 turn in basket.  However, it would be great for any turn in basket!
Click the picture to download!
I have several of these posters that I use for my teaching the letter sounds.  The sheets I have at school don’t have a source located on them and I was missing the /a/ sound so I made this one.  I post this on my whiteboard alongside the letter we are focusing on.  It’s great for the first introduction of the letter & it’s sound! Click the picture below to grab this A says /a/ poster!  Sorry it does look a little scary- but it gets the point across to the kiddos :p
Lastly, even though coins are not a Kindergarten Common Core Standard my district has decided to still intro the coins towards the end of the year.  So, I will start introducing my money poems during calendar around mid-year! Click the picture below to get yours!

Also, I had a sweet Q&A on TpT requesting my Teacher!  Teacher! How do I spell packet translated into Spanish.  I would have never thought about it before, but it’s a fantastic idea!  I will be working on that and posting within a few days!  Have a great weekend and if you happen to start back this Monday I wish you good luck!! 🙂


  1. I really, really appreciate the freebies! I had never heard the poems for the coins and NEED it for my 2nd graders. Thanks so much! Have you ever considered doing the poem charts in another font? I love them, but can't put them up in my room due to the incorrect use of lowercase/uppercase letters combined in words. Please let me know if you do it in another font, please. It would add to my classroom to put them up as charts. THANKS!!!!!!!!!

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