New week: Plans, Math Centers, Freebies & More!!

It’ simply amazing to see the gains a Kindergartner can make in just a couple weeks of school!
This upcoming week I am going to attempt meeting with a few reading groups during Daily 5.  I’m not exactly sure how it will go, but we’ll see 🙂  I feel as though telling the students you won’t be available during Daily 5 because you’ll be at your table- is completely different than me actually being back at my tables with students.  Kids need to see things before they can truly process the idea.

Here’s what I have in my Guided Reading tub (so far).  In the small circular container are letters for each student’s name.  I will be working with the child’s names in my lower level group.  In the pink container are a few pieces from the rhyming puzzle I have.   I also have high frequency word cards & letter cards.  The white sound boxes were a freebie on {this} post!

Here are the segmentation mats I had above!  Grab them for free on this {site}
Additional Guided Reading/Intervention Activities!!
Letter Caterpillars!!
This activity is in my Word Work Super Pack!
Letter Strips!
This is a letter strip and the students place the matching cards on top…great 1:1 practice.
It is a freebie activity on this site
This upcoming week I will be introducing the number bracelets for numbers 1, 2, & 3!
These pages are a freebie by me!  Click {here} to download!
This week I will also be introducing that numbers can be represented in multiple ways!  I will be having the students come to the carpet and first intro the numerals 1, 2, & 3.   I will then show the students how numbers can be represented by their word.  Lastly, show students how objects such as dots can represent numbers as well.
The cards & practice pages are in my Dot Cards packet. 
I will be starting my math centers this upcoming week!  Below I will show you my 8 math centers along with the source of each!
#1 Number Beads
This activity is in my Math Centers SUPER PACK
#2 Numeral/Number Word Writing
This activity is also in my Math Centers Super Pack

#3 Pattern Block Patterns
This is a freebie…click {here}

#4 Playdoh Shape Mats

Another freebie…click {here}

#5  Dot Cube Roll & Graph

This activity is also from my Math Centers Super Pack
#6 Playdoh Number Mats
#7 Number Clips
#8 Numeral, Number Word, Dot Cards Match
Most of these activities are from my Math Centers Super Pack!  It is 15 activities and over 150 pages.  It sell for $8.50 in my store.  Click below to view.

Math Centers #2



  1. I assign 2 students to each tub. I will eventually resort to a rotation board, but because we are just starting I am assigning them to a tub myself. Our math centers are at the end of the day so they are a lot more "relaxed" as far as how quiet they need to be- compared to that of the morning literacy daily 5.


  2. The playdoh shape mats are awesome. I was wondering if these can be edited. Our district wants us to use the word rhombus rather than diamond. Our students also have to identify the hexagon and trapezoid. Thank you for sharing all these great ideas!

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