New Writing Strips!

My little ones LOVE using writing strips back at the guided reading table!  They had become experts on my first set of writing strips and were begging for new ones…so I couldn’t dare let them down!  My new strips are a bit of challenge for K, but they are having a blast with the challenge!  The new set has an updated version of CVC words, blends {r & l}, digraphs {beginning and ending}, and two sets of vowel teams!

If you are not familiar with my writing strips they are the easiest way to differentiate your kiddos at guided reading!  I give each student a writing strip, a dry erase board/marker, and they are set!  Once they’ve completed their strip they will rotate with a partner at the table.  Also, several of my readers use the writings strips for a literacy center choice!

First up is the updated version of CVC strips!  These are found in my original set of writing strips but I have a group that CVC words are right at their level!  Just like my first set up strips each packet has different levels according to where your kiddos are with their learning.  

Up next…. blends!  This packet covers r and l blends!  Again, there are differentiated versions!  Choose the version best for your kiddos are they are off!  Anytime I introduce new strips we do work awhile on getting comfortable with what each picture is.  However, after they understand the picture they are writing away!  This set has three different versions; picture only, missing blend, and guided word version.

Can’t leave out digraphs!  This packet covers; th, wh, ph, sh, and ch.  It also covers beginning and ending digraphs.  There are three versions in this packet as well.  It includes; picture only, missing digraph, and guided word. I was worried how the kiddos would do with the couple of wh and ph pictures…but it only took a couple of reminders and they had it! 🙂

The most challenging of the writing strips is the vowel teams!  This packet actually includes two versions of the writing strips.  The first set covers {ai, ea, oa, ue}.  The second set covers {ay, ee, ie, oe}.  These are for sure a challenge…my kiddos have worked on the guided word version and they are so so proud of themselves! 🙂  I think these strips are such a great way for kids to learn spelling patterns and learn on their own the proper way to spell words!  I know some have strong opinions on whether teachers should or shouldn’t only be teaching kids to spell phonetically….so with these kids will learn & memorize words without the assistance of their teacher 🙂


How do I store all of my fabulous strips?  I have each set printed, laminated, and rubber-banded!  I then stash them in my guided reading caddy! They fit great and are easy to access! 🙂

If you are interested in trying these bad boys in your classroom you can visit the link below!  The bundles sells for $10.  

If you are interested in my first set of writing strips you can view those below!

Or….if you think these are the best thing since sliced cheese {I personally think they are}…you can grab both sets bundled for an extra savings!

You can also download these freebie letter name/sound writing strips!


  1. I love these! I have your first set that I use with my Title I groups. They enjoy them, but some can't remember some of the words, even after we go over them. I'm amazed at how far your students are with blends and vowel patterns. Our phonics program hasn't yet introduced digraphs and doesn't do blends.

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