Number Sense Routines Book Study: Chapter Two

Hello friends!  Hopefully, all of you have summer in your sights, if not already like me and wishing time would tic by {that is except this week!}  I have so much on my mind right now that I felt like being lazy and not getting this post up, but I pulled it together!

We had our IVF transfer last Thursday and now it’s simply a wait out it kind of thing.  I’m keeping strong to my faith and knowing that no matter what the results are God has a plan for me…one filled with so many happy times 🙂 I would of course love any extra prayers!

Chapter Two

Improving Number Sense: Routines that are not routinized
This chapter begins by expressing the importance of routines in our classrooms.  The text mentions several example of routines we already have established in our classrooms {backpack procedures, calendar, lunch count, etc.}.
“Routines build community and create a safe learning environment for students.”
The text goes on to mention that teachers have already-established routines as part of their math lessons.  The purpose of the book being to help to refine the routines to expand students’ number sense skills.
The author then discusses one of my favorite routines {Count around the Circle}  this routine is discussed in full detail within Chapter 4.  I will explain the routine and how it worked in my classroom when we get to Chapter 4.
One of my favorite sections within this chapter came from page 17 {midway through the page}.  Within this section the author stated these important details about number sense routines….
“…Number sense routines provide a daily framework for number sense practice, yet these routines are responsive to students.”


“Routines provide a comfortable predictability, but at the sane time, we plan routines that will keep students challenged, provide opportunities to practice using their number sense, and reteach when necessary.”

I LOVE those two sections, because there was never a number sense routine we did that didn’t come with a “teachable moment.”  There is something about those teachable moments {we can not plan them, yes teacher friends something we can not plan!}  Anytime my students and I took part in one of the number sense routines we always had very easy moments where I could challenge my students to think more or ‘go deeper’ in their understanding.

The chapter ends by providing a list of all the routines which will be covered, how it helps, how it works, and questioning to use with each routine.

I will provide a short list at the end of the study as a quick reference for us.

What’s up next?  Chapter 3: Visual Routines

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I will leave you will a wonderful early number sense goals and counting goals spreadsheet that was shared with me.

I will provide the PPT version {editable} and the PDF version!

Click below to download the freebie.

Have a wonderful week! 🙂


  1. Tara thanks for the great post. I have tried to download this forms to help with my students with disabilities in summer school but when I click on the links the forms do not come up 🙁 Just thought I'd let you and I look forward to being able to use this great resource!

  2. Thanks for making these forms! I got my book yesterday and just finished chapter 2. I went to school earlier this week to look for my copy. I couldn't find it. I ordered a copy and when it came realized while I'd looked at the book last year I'd not bought it. I teach in a Young 5's classroom so some things won't work but I can see some ways to improve what I'm currently doing!
    Thanks again! And best wishes for your IVF.

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