Oh My! Tissue Box Fun!!

Okay please tell me I’m not the ONLY one that is concerned with the look of my tissue box?  Last year I found a kleenex box that I loved so I kept inserting the {not so pretty} school purchased boxes inside my favorite kleenex box!  Well, after the school year I decided it was time to pitch that one.  So, I’ve been on the hunt for a new one!  I ran across these ADORABLE ones on ebay and fell in love!!  I just ordered mine, but I won’t receive it for another couple of weeks.  So, after I receive it I can give you the full description and let you know how it works.  I purchased the “speckled deer” but I thought it was a giraffe?  I think it will pass for a giraffe with 5 year olds!
Click the photo below for the link!

She also has a hippo, dinosaur, sheep, lion, and monkey!  I got mine for $11.99 & free shipping!   Can’t wait!!!  By the way I wanted to share with you the photos but since they are marked I sent a quick email to verify with the owner it was okay to share and she was okay with that…. so please don’t send the copyright police after me!! 😉


  1. Definitely a giraffe–when have you ever seen a deer with a tail like that? Obviously, it has the shortest neck I've ever seen on a giraffe, but it is no doubt a giraffe.


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