Organizing the Math Practice Sheets Bundle {with a freebie}

Hello there!  I wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to!  I am trying really hard to get organized!  One project I’ve slowly been working on is to organize my math practice sheets binder.  Now, don’t throw tomatoes….I know we don’t teach math through practice sheets. However, in my classroom I still use a practice sheet at the end of our lesson. Currently this is the last ten minutes of our day so it allows me time to check in on their independent follow up as the other students pack up!

Anyway, I was constantly searching through my files {paper and computer} to find the perfect practice sheet that would work great for that lesson.  So, I decided it would be best to organize the practice sheets by standard.  That way if I was teaching counting by tens or counting on…I could quickly find what I needed!

I purchased a three inch binder and enough tabs for my standards.  I labeled each tab with a standard and then started organizing!

Counting by 10’s….

Measurable attributes…

Combinations to ten and comparing sets…

I have created practice sheet sets to cover all of the standards!  Here are the sets…

Addition Practice Sheets {Counting On} K.OA.1

 Addition Practice Sheets {Using Dice} K.OA.1

Dice in Dice Recording Sheets {Addition, Subtraction, Greater/Less Than} K.OA.1

Addition Practice Sheets {Using Dominos} K.OA.1

Penny Addition & Subtraction Practice Sheets K.OA.1

Missing Addends Practice Sheets K.OA.4

Cube Trains: Ways to Make 3-10 {practice sheets} K.OA.1

Addition Practice Sheets {Using Fingers} K.OA.1

Subtraction Practice Sheets {Within 10} K.OA.1

Subtraction Practice Sheets {What’s Under the Cup?} K.OA.1

Subtraction {Take Away From} K.OA.1

Subtraction Practice Sheets {Model Drawing} K.OA.1

Subtraction Practice Sheets {Guided Practice} K.OA.1

Number Words 0-10 Practice Sheets K.CC.1

Number Words 0-10 Practice Sheets {write it!} K.CC.1

Decomposing Numbers Practice Sheets K.OA.3

Number Line Practice Sheets {Numbers 0-10} K.CC.2

Comparing Numbers {Numbers 1-10} K.CC.7

Comparing Sets Practice Sheets K.CC.4

Counting Sets Practice Sheets {Numbers 2-10} K.CC.5

Size, Weight, & Length Practice Sheets K.MD.1, K.MD.2

Spotting Small Differences

Count on & Write

How Many More to Make 10? K.OA.4
Same and Different

Shapes {2D and 3D} Practice Sheets K.G.2-3

Number Lines to 20 Practice Sheets K.CC.2

Counting/Numbers to 100 Practice Sheets

Counting by 5’s {to 20} Practice Sheets K.CC.2

Counting by 2’s {to 20} Practice Sheets K.CC.2
Draw it to Solve! Practice Sheets

Addition & Subtraction Practice Sheets

Place Value Practice Sheets K.NBT.1

Making Ten Practice Sheets K.OA.4

Solve it: Missing Addends Practice Sheets

Comparison Story Practice Sheets
Counting Sets Cut & Paste Practice Sheets
Color by Number Practice Sheets
 Number Bond Practice Sheets
Guided Number Bond Practice Sheets

And a freebie preview….

I have also bundled all of the sheets together in an endless bundle!  What does endless mean?  When I make a new packet for my classroom or a new packet by request from you…I add it to the bundle!  Speaking of…if you have a request for a practice sheet set please email me and I can get added!  I love hearing your ideas/suggestions/request!  They are usually ideas I never even thought about myself!

The bundle is 75% off from the originally priced individual packets through March  28th!  It is a for sure life saver bundle for me 🙂  You can view the bundle by clicking HERE or the image below!

Now for your freebie….

You can grab this math practice sheets binder cover!

Click below to download the binder covers!

Have a great weekend!!!


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