Parent-Teacher Conferences: Ideas & Freebies

I can not believe it is time for Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences!  It literally seems like Fall conferences were just here!  Either way it’s here and I’m excited!  Excited you say? Well, I am so eager to share with parents the AH-Mazing growth their student has show so far this year.  Maybe it’s the fact that I am no longer scared to death of parent-teacher conferences that I can actually look at this a great opportunity to sit down with the parents and share great news!  Yes, I do still have a few Kinders that will need continued support, but even those friends have shown growth beyond words.

It seems that the time always flies by and before I know it I am needing to wrap up my conversation so I like to have a schedule that I follow {yeah I type it out so I don’t forget anything 🙂  Here’s what that will most likely look like….

Meet & Greet

Go over report card

Questions/concerns about the report card

Share student video {see below}

Share student letter {see below}

Share a Day in the Life of a Kindergarten {see below}

Forms, signatures, etc

Hand out support material  if needed {flash cards, fluency sheets, etc}

Hand out Ready, Set, First – -an introduction to 1st grade Common Core {see below}

Conclusion and additional questions

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After typing that out and I very thankful our conferences for this year where pushed to 20 minutes rather than just 15!  Above I mentioned a few activities that I will elaborate on below!  The first being sharing the student videos.  

This idea came to me the other night while falling asleep. I am sure it’s not an original idea, but I still love it!  Anyway, I recorded short videos of each student teaching their parents something new they’ve learned in Kindergarten!  Some students decided to read a book, write a story, sing a song, chant the ABC chart, or explain new concepts like how many tens & ones are in teen numbers!  They turned out so cute and I can’t wait for parents to see them.  As you know I am not able to share those on here, but trust me they are adorable!
Along with student videos the students will also be writing letters to their parents, completing A day in the life of a Kindergartener writing, and an opinion piece! {see below for the freebie link}

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I was wanting to introduce my Kindergarten parents to the First Grade Common Core Standards so I created this easy to send home packet.  It is a 15 page packet that explains most of the standards.  It includes ideas and activities to practice the standard.
This packet is designed as a reference for Kindergarten parents. It is an overview of the important standards that will be expected of their soon to be first grader. I am more than aware that the transition from Kindergarten Common Core Standards to First Grade Common Core Standards is quite a task. So, why not help prepare these little Kinders?
A majority of the ELA and Math standards are covered in this easy send home packet. I have 25 students in my classroom so I made this packet quite condensed so it would be manageable to run a copy for each student in the classroom. This packet would also be great to send home over Summer Break!
Standards covered in this packet: key details in text, long & short vowels, phoneme segmentation, manipulating beginning, middle, & ending sounds in words, sight word recognition, addition problems with multiple addends, addition & subtraction problems solving for more and less, missing numbers in equations, rote counting, counting on, place value, more than/less than/equal to, time to hour & half hour, and fractions. 
If you are interested in these freebies click below to grab them!
It sells for $3 in my TpT store!  Click the image below to view!

{example page from the packet}

Click below to download the FREEBIE conference templates from above!


    1. My district has always provided a mandated report card! We have always picked and chosen which standards to cover! It would be a lot to do all 🙁 That does sound like a huge undertaking! So sorry about that 🙁


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