Polar Bear Recap and Peek at A Bad Case of Stripes

Hey there!!!  It’s February…I gotta say that I am pretty excited!  For some reason where I live in Missouri it refuses to snow so we might as well skip to summer 😉  This week was polar bear week…and I love me some good nonfiction!  I’m not sure about your kiddos, but mine get all bent when they can’t draw our animal for the week perfectly.  Even though they can all out-draw me hands down.  Well anyway, I showed the kids a polar bear guided drawing lesson on Youtube and they are illustrated these adorable polar bears and made them all week on everything!  If you have never shown your kiddos one…try it!  They will for sure love you!  
You can download my plans from last week by clicking below…

We always start out with our bubble charts…first writing what we already know about polar bears and then adding more after our first read. 

You’ll see a few new things that I was test-running this week 😉  For this activity the kiddos illustrated two important facts we learned about from the test.  The kiddos were amazed by the polar bears’ special paws/pads and noses.
 We also worked on a can, have, are chart.  We took one day per section until it was completed by the third day!

This week we also worked on a listen and draw activity for the week’s vocabulary words.  I especially loved the picture for float- – too cute!

This week I also started a poetry center for daily five.  I chose a student from listening to read to go.  Not truly listening to read, but interactive reading 🙂  The kiddos got to review the vocabulary cards and construct our poem for the week.

We concluded the week with the blubber glove….

In math this week we continued working on counting to by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.  On this day the kiddos got 20 popsicle sticks in their cup and then worked with their partner to place them into groups of 5 illustrating tally marks.

We followed it up with these independent practice sheets…

To go along with counting in other ways than by 1’s we also took some time to explore with count it up or counting collections!  There is awesome video on the Teaching Channel HERE that explains counting collections!

It’s so fun to see them explore with how to count their collection, then to see them apply their skip counting skills to count it up!  We also recorded our answers {this takes WAY more teaching than the counting collections}.  You can snag these freebie count it up sheets HERE.

In guided reading we are keeping on keeping on! 🙂  We have for sure hit that after Christmas turbo speed….It seems like when I second-guess giving them a challenging story they prove me wrong!  Here are some stories from my readers….


In guided reading we also got our hands on a couple new activities… my above readers loved these comprehension passages then going back up to discover the correct answers to the questions.

These comprehension passages were recently added to my Endless Guided Reading Mega Bundle and you can also click below to check them out….

I also placed these sound box cards in a literacy for the kiddos to practice!

Click below to view more…

You can download my plans for this week by clicking below….

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