President’s Day Unit

President’s Day Thematic Unit*  This unit is suited well for Kindergarten-First grade.  However, the unit can be easily adapted for higher grade levels. The math activities go directly with the new Kindergarten Common Core Standards, which my district has adopted this year.

Activities Included:
– My President’s Day Easy Reader (High-Frequency words: this, see, is, the)
– My President’s Day Easy Reader (George Washington)
– President Lincoln Upper/Lowercase ID page

– President Washington Upper/Lowercase ID page
– Math Center/Daily 5 Game (match addition sentence to solution)
– Math Center/Daily 5 Game Addition Record Sheet
– Hands-on Science Experiment (What will change the penny?) (materials, supply list) 
– Hands-On Experiment Record Sheet (my prediction, my results-room for pictures)
– Hands-on Experiment coin sorting map (easy way to sort coins after soaking)
– Penny Spill Worksheet (math tally worksheet-spill the coins, tally heads/tails, totals)
– President Lincoln Craft (instructions, supply list, photos)
– “If I were president” writing prompt/paper
– “Dear Mr. President” writing/prompt paper 

President’s Day Unit



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