Primary Blends and Digraphs (+ a freebie)

Hi there and thank you so much for stopping by today!  I know you are busy gals and guys so I appreciate your time and I hope to share LOTS with you today!  I am trying hard to share a lot of information with you in new and multiple ways!  I will share this post with a video, typed post and through photographs!  I hope you are able to find the way that best fits you!  Today I am here to share with you my brand new packet, Primary Blends and Digraphs!  If you wanting to “listen” to me explain the packet and take a virtual look through an example week then you can go ahead and click below directly below!  After the video concludes the be sure to scroll towards the bottom of the post to download a FREE WEEK for yourself!

I will be explaining Primary Blends and Digraphs in much detail below!  However, here is a quick overview of the program!

Primary Blends and Digraphs was created by a teacher for teachers! This supplemental phonics curriculum is made up of 20 weeks or 100 instructional days. Primary Blends and Digraphs is a researched based explicit supplemental curriculum program. The teacher has 100 directed teacher lesson plans to follow and all needed material for the lesson to be a success is included. Furthermore, Primary Blends and Digraphs is systematic curriculum program. This simply means that the students follow the same routine each week. Please note that you can change the order of the blends and digraphs to fit your needs. There are also opportunities for your advanced readers to benefit from Primary Blends and Digraphs with an advanced reader available each week as well.  The name “Primary” solidifies that this program can be used for BOTH kindergarten and first grade!

What exactly is included?

-20 weeks of EXPLICIT teacher scripted lesson plans (5 days of lesson plans per week)
-20 printable easy readers and 20 advanced readers (black/white and color versions)
-20 INTERACTIVE easy readers and 20 advanced readers
-Daily practice sheets
-Weekly skill posters
-Weekly skill flashcards
-Weekly skill sorts
– 20 Home Connection Newsletters
– 20 Home Connection practice sheets

What does a week of PrimaryBlendsandDigraphs look like?

Monday: introduce the skill, display the skill poster, read together the skill poem, search for skill-based words within the poem, sort the skill cards, practice with fluency cards, independent practice

Tuesday: review the skill, reread the skill poem, resort the skill cards, build the words with magnets, independent practice

Wednesday: review the skill, auditory skill work, skill interactive reader, build skill words with magnets, independent practice

Thursday: review the skill, auditory skill work, skill flashcards, word family interactive reader, skill based generator partner practice sheet, independent practice

Friday: review the skill with the interactive game, skill flashcards, skill assessment, student easy reader

What skills/words are covered?

Week 1: (Beginning L Blends) clam, blimp, flag, glad, plug, slide
Week 2: (Beginning L Blends) clock, block, floss, globe, plant, slipper
Week 3: (Beginning R Blends) brush, crust, drip, frog, grin, print
Week 4: (Beginning R Blends) broke, crown, drive, frame, grade, trunk
Week 5: (Beginning S Blends) scar, skip, smell, snack, spot, stem
Week 6: (Beginning S Blends) scarf, skunk, smile, snow, spill, swam
Week 7: (Ending L Blends) belt, self, milk, help, wolf, old
Week 8: (Ending L Blends) cold, melt, shelf, walk, gulp, bolt
Week 9: (Ending T Blends) left, lift, slept, act, sift, erupt
Week 10: (Ending T Blends) craft, raft, wept, insect, swept, reflect
Week 11: (Blend Review) clam, block, frog, grade, spot, belt
Week 12: (th) bath, math, path, this, thin, them
Week 13: (sh) fish, rash, bush, ship, shell, shot
Week 14: (ch) chin, chest, bench, lunch, inch, chip
Week 15: (wh) whisk, whisker, wheat, whale, wheel, whisper
Week 16: (ph) photo, phone, trophy, dolphin, elephant, gopher
Week 17: (kn) knock, knob, knight, knot, knit, knife
Week 18: (wr) wrap, wreck, wrench, wreath, wrist, write
Week 19: (ck) back, pack, sick, duck, sock, neck
Week 20: (Digraph Review) chin, math, fish, whisk, phone, duck

As mentioned in the video, PrimaryBlendsandDigraphs has included assessment trackers!  You can use these to track your data through the 20 weeks!

I also shared these ADORABLE mini posters!  These are the perfect size to keep near your from teacher cart, in your guided reading caddy or even a set for the kiddos!  At the end of the post I will share several tech tips and printing these will be one of those!

There are included posters for each of the 20 weeks!  These are great to hang up on the front whiteboard to show your learning for the week or even on your focus wall!


We will now venture to the lesson plans and a closer look at a week of the blends!

Each week you receive 5 days of explicit lesson plans! Here is a look at day one’s lesson plan.

One day one, the students will be introduced to the weekly poem.  If you have an interactive whiteboard then you can share this on that!

I  will also share a tech tip on printing a smaller version of the poems that will fit perfectly into poetry notebooks!

Day one’s practice sheet!

Now we will move onto day two’s lesson plan!  

On day two the students will work on sorting!

You will also have the “blend it” cards for each week!

Fluency flashcards are included for each week as week.  There are two versions to choose from!

Day 2’s practice sheet.

Moving onto day 3!

On day three the students will be working on building the words with magnets!  They will follow up this task on their practice sheet!

Day four’s lesson plan!

On day four the students will work with a partner or by themselves on their blend generators!

There is also a follow-up practice sheet.

Day 5’s lesson is all about wrapping up the week and the assessment!

Below is a look at the completed assessment.

Each week easy readers are also included.  I have included an “advanced” and “easy” version!

lso included in the units is the Home Connections pieces.  Each week you’ll have access to a parent newsletter and send home practice sheet!

Below is an overview look at the blend week included!  Reminder that there are ten weeks of blends and one additional review blend week!

Now let’s switch gears a bit a take a look at the digraphs!

You’ll see that the formatting is exactly the same!  The only difference is the blender swapped for the glue bottle 😉  In digraphs we want to stress hard that the kiddos do NOT stretch those two letters separately but understand that the two letters are “glued” together as one sound!

A look at the digraph classroom poster!

The weekly skill based poem!

The digraph weeks also contain all of the same word cards and word sorts!

Day one’s practice sheet!

Day two’s practice sheet!

A look at the digraph “glued” sound cards.

Digraph word cards (two versions).

Day three’s practice sheet!

Day four’s practice sheet!

Day four’s digraph generator!

Below is look at the digraph easy readers!

he easy readers can also be used on any device that has powerpoint- including Ipads!

The digraph weeks also have the included Home Connections!

Below is an overview of the digraph weeks!

Up next I would like to share with you all of the ways Primary Blends and Digraphs kicks it up a notch and adds in FREE interactive aspects!  Up first is the interactive letter board!  As stated in the video, the students will be working on building their words with magnets!  Having your own “magnet board” on the whiteboard is a great visual for the students.  They are able to self-check with your answer after sufficient wait time and/or if you do not have a class set of magnets, you could have kiddos come up to build the words using these “magnets!”  To use the file you simply open it onto your computer and it will project onto your whiteboard.  You can copy and paste the letters you need for that day from the “master” slide.

You will then be able to pull up the letters and build the words!

As mentioned above… ALL of the easy readers come in an INTERACTIVE version!  There are 20 readers but each reader comes in two levels so that is a total of 40 readers!  They will work on any device that has Microsoft PowerPoint!

You can also use them on laptops, PC’s, interactive whiteboards, etc!

Along with the interactive books- the unit also contains 20 INTERACTIVE GAMES!  What a steal!  The interactive games again can be played on any device that has Microsoft PowerPoint!  You may place these games onto any device that is within your classroom!  If you have 3-4 computers within YOUR classroom, then each of those devices can have these!  The games would be GREAT for center time!  The games care self-correcting and fun!  You can see them in action below!

Let’s talk some tech tips!  Up first let’s talk about printing the easy readers!  I tried hard to set up the easy readers in a true EASY print fashion!

You can click below to watch a quick video!

Once the books print out all you will nee to do is simply fold them!  It is completely up to you if would like to staple the books as well!

Below is a closer look at the print screen options for printing the easy readers!

I also mentioned printing the poems and or the practice sheets in a smaller version so that they will fit perfectly into a poetry notebook!

Below you can see the print screen options for printing!  You will want to select either one page and type it in twice (12, 12) or if wanting two pages then type it in like below.  You will then click multiple and make sure “2” is selected.

I also shared about printing the larger posters into a smaller size!

Here is the print option for that!  You will want to type in the four page numbers you would like.  Then you will select multiple and then click on the down menu and click on “4”.

I hope you fell in love with the program and saw it the benefits it could make in your classroom!  If you are unsure as to whether or not it would work in your classroom… then guess no more!  You can click HERE or directly below for a FREE week!  You will be able to download the 5 days of lesson plans, 5 worksheets, word cards, printable readers, interactive games, interactive readers and home connection!

If you would like to snag Primary Blends and Digraphs you can do so by clicking HERE or on the image below!  Also, if you choose to purchase before Saturday, May 6th you’ll be able to get all 20 weeks for $10! * WHAT A STEAL!*

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a GREAT week!


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