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 Well hello!  I shouted this update on my Facebook, but I wanted to make sure everyone got to see!  I recently updated on of my first creations, The Common Core Questioning Jar.  I gave the whole packet a new look along with adding in the option to make it a problem of the day!   I also added labels and math journal templates!  This packet is also fully aligned to the Common Core Standards with each questioning card labeled with the standard!  If you are just getting your feet wet you can use this packet to ensure you are covering and reviewing all standards for mathematics and language arts!

To find out if you already own this packet or the bundle scroll down and click the links!  If you own the packets they will say, “download now!” 🙂

You can use this packet in so many ways!  You will be able to make it work for you!  Above you’ll see my problem of the day jar!  You can choose pull out a question card during “down” times of your day…or make it the opener of your math lesson.  I know that we all run a tight you can make this as easy as just pulling a card, having kids turn and talk for the answer, then discuss!

Place the questioning cards you would like to review in your jar!  You can choose the question or have one of the kiddos pull the card!
If you’d like to take it up another notch you can have students use this packet in more of an interactive ice journal type!  Students will work out and explain the answer in their math journals. 

 Students will glue in the questioning card {if you choose}.  You can also display the question where the whole class can view and they just work it out in their journal- totally up to you!

If you’re not a math journal type I have also included printable  math journal recording sheets!  There are a few different versions included for you to choose from!

You can view each packet below along with an example of the questioning cards!

Below is the two problem of the day packets bundled!  Also keep scrolling for your chance to win the bundle for your classroom!  I will choose a winner this Friday, July 25th !

Enter below to win the bundle!  Good luck and have a great weekend!

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