Recap of Enemy Pie and Peek at my Tigers Week!

Okay, if your head is where my is head is at then the answer is no.  No, we STILL haven’t had a snow day this year!  We did have a late start for cold temps though, but we aren’t counting that! 😉  We do have snow on the ground, but no holding out for that one and only snow day! BAHHA!  
Alright, back to work… this past week we read Enemy Pie!  Such an awesome book, right?  If you haven’t heard of it..take a few minutes and you can watch it HERE.  We also spent a lot of time talking this week about friendship!  What makes a good friend?  How do we keep a friend?  How do we make a new friend?

You can download my plans from last week directly below….

 Here are our essential questions for the week….Our second book this week was Sandwich Swap.  Another great one for friendships!
And our vocabulary words….

This past week I set out to tackle the, “I’m Done!!!!”  Each year I change my strategy for my early finishers many times…because the early finishers get easily bored with their earlier finisher task…did that make sense?  Lol!  I had them in their Busy Bee books, but they completed those…so we needed something new!  My blogging bestie, Miss Kindergarten, had just what I needed in her shop! 
Miss Kindergarten has implemented these great All Done. Now What? set of drawers!  I think the kids love it the most because they get to decide which drawer they want to choose from.  Yeah big stuffs 😉  Hadar has a lot of activities to choose from, but I stuck with just a few.  This way I can just switch out the activities within the drawers in a couple of weeks for new excitement!  You can view the All Done! Now What?  activities by clicking HERE!

In drawer #1… the kiddos can choose a sticker and write a story about it!

Drawer #2… students can choose from one of the cards/notes to write to a friend!
Make a list…this one has a couple of different activities in it, but they love them!
We are still plugging along in KinderPhonics Unit Three!  This week we worked on the digraph sh!  Here is our “sh” chart of words!
If you are needing some digraph posters you can download this FREEBIE!

In writing this past week we took a couple of days to write personal friendship narratives and then moved on to fiction writing.  I have to tell you I had a blast teaching fiction writing!  Each day we told HILARIOUS and OUTRAGEOUS stories…the kids rolled and laughed and I just thought to myself, “Oh what craziness you just brought upon yourself!”  We had princesses falling in holes and being rescued by princes, friends with purple hair, families living on the moon, and meeting monsters at the store!  
We worked on adding feelings, speech bubbles, characters, setting, and setting the mood of the story…was it a happy ending?  Did you overcome a problem?  Was it funny?  If you haven’t “taught” fiction writing….give it a try!  You’ll have just as much fun as the kiddos!

In grammar this week we started using Growing Kinder’s Fix-It Ups!  The kiddos have loved doing these…they are excited to find the mistakes and best of all they enjoy checking their classmates’ work too! You can view them HERE.

Here is one of my kiddos’ papers from last week!  I love that the pen is above him the whole time…that darn pen!

Take note of this little cutie! My niece, Lolah, loves word searches!  So, I whipped her up some kid-friendly search and find sheets! Can you tell she loves them? #kidapproved

If interested you can snag these search and find sheets by clicking below!  

Next week we are ready to study tigers!  We will compliment our nonfiction text with Leo the Late Bloomer! You can download those plans directly below….

Have a great week!!!! 🙂


  1. Oh to be a kiddo in your classroom!! Such fun tasks! I also love Growing Kinders' Fix It Up sentences. And I love your kiddos' fiction writing pieces. Fiction writing is Sooooo fun!! Thanks for the great ideas.

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