Recap of Frogs and Peek at my Moon Week!

Hey friends!  We’re about to hop right on into April!  WAHOO!  This past Friday we had “free” day off since we decided to have little to NO snow this year!  This upcoming week will be a fun-filled one too!  We will be taking a field trip to the zoo and start our mini Spring break!  This past week was all about…FROGS!  We had a blast learning about those slimy little creatures….our takeaway- – frogs will lose their old skin, eat the old skin, and get new skin…YUCK!  My frog plans are directly below!

Here is a glimpse at our frog bubble chart!  We learned so much that I could barely get it all too fit!

our weekly vocabulary….

and our frogs can/have/are chart….

essential questions for the week….

The kiddos had fun with the poetry center this week too!  I’m guessing so much fun that we are now missing our 5th frog!

Along with our close read we also read several frog books during writing.  We then wrote informational frog booklets.  We have had the chance to write a lot of informational booklets this year, but these were the best by far!

Two things that made them awesome {according the the kids}…1) We added table of content pages to our book….SAY WHAT???  When I showed them the table of contents they cheered! 2)  We ALL learned how to draw a frog…yes even me!  We watched THIS directed drawing and they were illustrating frogs all.week.long.
Check them out…


In KinderPhonics we moved on to long vowel a and long i!

Download my Moon plans below…….

Have a great week!


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