Recap of my short week and peek at week 1!

Well hello there!  Yes, my name is Tara and back to school has me officially BEAT!  I just got caught up on my emails last night from all week …and I think my 12 hours of sleep Friday night and Saturday night should have me good to go for our official full week!  A silver in the lining would be after our first official full week we do have 4 days off…eek!  So, our first day back was Thursday and I really do have a sweet class this year!  We spent these first two days talking A LOT about classroom and school expectations!  I use these little “cheat sheets” as a way to remember all the things I wanted to tell the kiddos!  You can snag the freebie HERE and they are editable!

We also spend a good deal of time in our fine motor explore bins!  You can see what I have in each bin and get links to those HERE!

We also took some time to play with playdoh…oh yeah!

On Friday we went on a Pete the Cat school tour  and when we got back from the tour Pete the Cat had left us this adorable coloring sheet!  You can download the freebie coloring sheet HERE!

Of course nothing says back to school kindergarten like PORTRAITS!  You can download these freebie HERE!

We also took time to color this special apple for our moms and dads!  This is part of my August/September Taking Back Weekends!

We also had an opportunity to play with all of our fun explore toys for recess one day because there was a minor malfunction on the playground haaaaa!

Here is a look at our star work board!  Already lookin’ good! 🙂

At our school the classes earn compliments in the hallway from other teachers and once we have 10 we get a special paw print!  To keep track of our 10 compliments we are adding pieces to Mrs. Potato Head!  We already have 4 🙂 🙂

During explore time I was also to get all of my kiddos pulled over and do an initial letter ID assessment!  I find it beneficial to get a pretty good idea of the level of my class at the start of the year.  Of course what letters they know on day 1 or 2 of school isn’t going to be everything I need to know, but it does give me a great starting place!  You can download this letter id tracker for free HERE!

Next week will be a full week and we will be following our set schedule for the remainder of the year!  You can download those plans by clicking below or HERE!  Be sure to click “download” so the document will have live clickable links!

I’ll be back soon with some additional ideas for your back to school time and back next Sunday for a recap and plans for week 2!  Wahooo …let’s do this! 🙂


  1. Hey Colby! I always find that I have a few extra moments these first few days compared to the rest of the year! I pulled the kiddos over as they worked in the explore tubs and playdoh! 🙂


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