Recap of President’s Day Week and Peek at Enemy Pie Week!

BAM!  That was another week coming to a close…. not that is was an overly tough week! lol!  Honestly, we had Monday off for President’s day, professional development on Tuesday, and that left just three days. However, I had one of those three off for an out of town dentist appointment so I had it quite easy.  Let’s talk though how we’ve have ZERO snow days this year….I’m pretty sure if this continues it will be some kind of record.  We did get a few inches of snow …but it melted away!  Let’s see if this little blurb brings us a snow day 😉
Last week we spent time talking about President’s day and celebrating our great country!

 You can view these plans by clicking directly below…

Our first day back we read Duck for President and made these adorable and FUN flags!  I really try hard to still get in fine motor practice this time of year.  For these flags I gave each kiddo a half sheet of white and red.  Then one small blue rectangle.  They cut their own red stripes and glued them to the white sheet. 

Then, they came back to the teacher table and dipped a cu-tip into white pain for the stars!  So easy!!!!  I don’t do any other form of craft, but easy 😉

I had a proud teacher moment in writing this past week! After reading Deedee’s writing goals post we set out  to choose our own goals! They were so quick to know their goals and they all choose exactly what I was thinking for them! You can view a quick video of some of the kiddos stating their writing goals!

*Disclaimer- – I don’t use the word sloppy, they got that one on their own!

You can grab the freebie writing goals from DeeDee here: {}

Here are some of our writings from that day….

 I play in snow.  I had a snow fight.
First, I was at my house.  Then, I went to church.  Then, I went sledding.  Then, I went home. It was fun!    {has the transitions down!!!} 😉

 I went to Pizza Hut.  I cleaned my bed room.  My mom is having a baby.

And a look at our writing goals board!  Again, click HERE to view DeeDee’s post!

Okay, forward……a couple of weeks ago I snapped these photos, but I didn’t share them because I knew you would want to get your hands on these lovelies and I was NOT finished!  These readers have taken so long to compile…I am not sure why exactly, I think because I first off had to search for THE best pictures and then that led me to get sidetracked…lol!  
Anyway, the readers are now finished and I’ll leave a link below!  Each of the 15 nonfiction topics have three 3 readers for the different levels in your classroom.

Each of the reader also have this quick fact check page in the back!  It’s great for checking comprehension!

If you’re interested in snagging these for your kiddos you can click the link below!

You can download my plans for next week directly below….  This week we will be focusing on friendship with Enemy Pie and Sandwich Swap!

Have a great week!!


  1. I just purchased the non-fiction readers. We are just starting our non-fiction unit and I can't wait for the kids to use them. I have many of your products and they have been amazing additions to my classroom. Thanks for all your hard work!!

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