Recap of The Snowy Day and Peek at my Week {Penguins}

It’s that time again…..a new week!  Last week we had a couple of late starts due to the cold weather, but it didn’t put a damper on our fun week!  You can see from above that we were partying…well actually just talking about 3D shapes!

Below is a look at the plans from last week that I’ll be sharing below…you can download next week’s plan at the end of the post!

Our close read for the week was The Snowy Day which led its self to all kinds of fun!

Linking the close read to science and exploration…..

We played in the now one day which was a hit of course!!! This “recipe” is so easy! I mixed two 1lb. boxes of baking soda and 3/4 cup of hair conditioner in a bowl. This was enough for five students! I had placed the conditioner in the refrigerator so that it would be cold! They kids had a blast!!! I did put down the tablecloths which helped with the mess tremendously! Fun times!

I loved his mini snowman haha!!!

After exploring with the snow we linked it to our descriptive writing!  This week we worked on descriptive writing along with adding a reaction to our stories.

We also worked on states of matter with this fun experiment!  I filled three plastic bottles with water and froze them overnight.  Once I got to school I decked them out in their best snowman apparel.


We placed on snowman in hot water, let one sit, and poured salt in one of the bottles….we then made our predictions on which would melt the fastest.  By golly….those smarties were right…it was the hot water snowman 😉

This week we also took a lot of time discussing classroom and school behaviors!  I blogged about the activities we did in this post….just click below to view!  It included toothpaste, jenga blocks, and more!

I used Lyndsey’s We are Kinder Kids unit this week which was PERFECT for our school wide positive “tiger stripes!”  We talked about one friend each day!

Here is our four part apology freebie poster we practiced this week as well…

This was our last week in KinderPhonics Unit Two and next week we move on to Unit Three…big stuff!

In math this week we started 3D shapes and flat 2D shapes!

With indoor recess e.v.e.r.y day we had plenty of time to explore with building!

For our warm I placed a basket of shapes in the middle of the carpet.  I would call on one student at a time to choose a shape…they would then describe the shape to us…telling us if it was 3D or 2D, how many sides, vertices, and anything else they could think of!

On this day we were talking about the flat shapes on a 3D shape.  The kiddos traced their 3D shapes to discover hidden flat shapes.


Below are my plans for next week!  It’s penguin week…WHOOP!  Our close read is a freebie …you can click HERE to download that!

Click below to download my plans with clickable links….

Have a superb week!!!


  1. Wow! You do so many AWESOME fun things in your class to optimize learning! I don't think I have that kind of time (though I wish I did!). I also wish I could come through and visit your class! Keep up the spectacular work!!

  2. It's amazing that you did all that with some delay starts. I don't have time in a full day to do all you that you accomplish. I want to try your frozen snowmen bottles. I'm sure with how hot my room gets that the bottle just sitting out will melt the fastest, especially if I set it near the radiators!

  3. Could you please share what whole body action you did for each vocab word in "The Snowy Day"? Sometimes I find it difficult to create them with meaning, and you always do such a great job! Thanks!

    1. Hey there!
      piled- use hands as if you are piling up books
      firm- use hands as if you are pressing a snowball to be firmer
      path- use hands as if you are walking
      pretend- have students pretend to be someone/animal
      sank- have students "melt" to the carpet like they are sinking down

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