Recap of Week 10 and Peek at my Week 11!

HEEEEEY!!! I feel like I am mad-dashing before the close of the weekend!  Last week was parent-teacher conferences.  I always have a couple of hours in between the early afternoon and the late conferences, but somehow I never get everything I wanted done!  My husband and I did a fast getaway to Las Vegas for the weekend…all I did the whole time was sit by the pool! HA!  We went to a couple of shows and ate lots of yummy food, but we took a cab everywhere we went…no walking for me, after all I was relaxing! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

The plans I am sharing below come from the plans directly below!  You can click to download!

This past week we combined a touch of nonfiction and fiction with our close reads!

I really loved both of our essential questions for this week as well!

Our cumulative activity for our close reads were these adorable writing/craftivities!  

Bats are very scary.

Bats can see good.

This adorable craft is a freebie from A Cupcake For the Teacher!  You can click below to download the freebie from her! 

If you would like to download the freebie writing paper I used for our stories you can do so by clicking below!

Because of our “short” week we only discussed one letter this week: Cc!  I still just love the drawings the kiddos come up with! We are cruising through the KinderPhonics units! ๐Ÿ™‚

 During guided reading this week we also practiced hearing each sound within CVC words.  These sounds boxes can be found HERE.

 Here is what else we’ve been up to in guided reading this week!

1: Letter Id Interactive Notebook
2. Phoneme Segmentation Sound Boxes
3. Step by Step Weekly books– this one is all about the five sense!
4. Stretching sounds with slinkys!

In math this week we worked on breaking down the number 5!  Here are some fun hands one number sense activities we did!  You can easily recreate these activities for your students!  They require a small amount of “stuff,”  but offer a big punch for understanding!  On the first day I showed the students my 5 yellow/red counters.  We talked about how there would always be 5 even if some were turned to the other color.  I then led the students in a math talk using the counters.  I turned three to yellow and 2 to red.  We used math talk, “3 and 2 make 5.”  For those that could easily say 3 yellow 2 red, but struggled to put it together …I had them use their fingers.  We put up the first set so three fingers.  Then I had them look at the fingers that were in bed {down}.  They said two.  So then I had them again rephrase the parts the saw…3 {put up three fingers} and 2 {put up two fingers} make 5.

I then had the kids break out in groups to work with their partners on this activity.  As I circulated the classroom I checked in with students to make sure they were using math talk to discuss the two parts they saw.  I then gave each students their own set of five counters and a blank sheet of paper.  They make new combinations of five and showed them on their paper!

On the next day we continued to work on breaking down the number five.  For this activity I wanted the students to have the five frame as a way to “see” the parts.  I started by using five frame flashes {show a five frame for a couple of seconds} as the students turned to their partners they would discuss the parts they saw…focusing on the parts that were “filled” and “not-filled.”  We then took it to filling in our five frames.  The students rolled a dot cube {without a 6 on the cube} and filled the five frame.  One student “did the work” they rolled and filled the frame, the next partner would do the math talk, ” 4 and 1 make 5.”  The students would then switch roles.

On the last day we worked on breaking down the number five in more of a number bond look.  Each pair had two 5 sticks.  The blue five stick would stay on the mat, the red stick the students would take turns breaking it apart and using a math talk to discus the two parts they saw! 
 That is all I have for this week!  You can download my plans for next/this week directly below!  We will be going on a farm field trip on Halloween so I can’t wait to share that with you! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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  1. What a great weekend getaway! My brother lives in Vegas and we drove out to see him from Ohio a few years back. That was a long trip!! I love your bats-I used to make bats after reading Stellaluna and I used black paper plates and the kids cut out the wings. They looked so cute hanging from the ceiling. I tried to do it this year, but there was no time, especially when you are not self-contained. I am amazed that you are that far in math. How do your students do with it? I have a few in my class that still don't know numbers past 5.

    1. Hey there Lee Ann! They are actually doing really well with breaking down 5. I think it is the various ways I help to show it that allows them to wrap their mind around it. Some do struggle with the "talk" part of it, but overall I'm very excited! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the idea of the paper plate bat as well!

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