Recap of Week 11 and Peek at my Week 12!

 Hey y’all!  Only fitting after our trip to the farm this week!  The past couple of weeks with conferences, a trip, then our classroom field trip have been a whirlwind for me!  The plans below explain what we were up to last week!  I will post my plans for next week towards the end of the post!
So just my little teacher moment here….I’ve been teacher-crushing close reads more and more each week!  Last year it was about this time when we started them, but now that we’ve been doing them since the start of this year the kids are gaining so much!  Not only are they building better critical thinking skills, but they are gaining life skills and experiences as well!  This past week our close read was a nonfiction read on Ponies.

With close reads we are able to fit them in where it makes since and make TRUE connections.  There is nothing like reading your box curriculum read aloud about winter in September..don’t laugh- it happens! ๐Ÿ™‚  Anyway, we were able to schedule our field trip to the farm to coincide with our ponies close read and it made it so meaningful! As we were on our hayride the kids yelled out, “Look that horse has a blaze!”  or “The two foals are playing!”  

Here is our ponies bubble chart! 
Our two essential questions for the week!

Making a connection with vocabulary….

 In my normal over-analyzing/planning/scheduling way I had the field trip pretty well laid out…but of course there are always hiccups with anything!  The buses got there a little later than planned, but it was no big deal!  The kids got to go on a hayride, view the animals, get their faces painted, eat “mud,”  and play some games!


Not sure if this will be beneficial for anyone but I did load my farm field trip packet to TpT!  It’s not everything you would need, but it would give you an idea for stations while visiting!
If you’re interested you can download the freebie packet by clicking below!

We also closed our ponies close read with a cumulative writing!  Students wrote a fact about ponies!  It’s so fun to see what minor details they will pick up on!

Ponies are wild.

 Ponies eat grass.
 Ponies can run free in the wild.
The day we compared wild to tame ponies I brought in an additional text that mentioned there are still wild ponies living on some east coast islands!
 Ponies live on islands.

This week our Kinderphonics letters were Pp and Nn!  I still LOVE their drawings..maybe it;s because I am not the one drawing haha!!

You can view and download my new plans directly below!  I will be using a couple of new packets this week as well!  During guided reading I will be having my above group work on my new CVC/CVCe mixed writing strips!  They worked so hard to get through the CVC strips and I was hesitant to give them the CVCe strips, but they blew me away!  If you are interested in checking these out you can by clicking below!

My intervention group will also be using these new kid-friendly fluency passages!  My groups is working on short a, i, and o combined!  This new packet has 60 pages of passages…and 420 passages total!  You can view this discounted packet below!

However, if you own my endless guided reading mega bundle you already own the two new packets above ๐Ÿ˜€  You can download your updates now!  If you are not a bundle owner, but would like to get in on the endless bundle by swapping out your previously purchased guided reading packets you can email me at ta******@ho*****.com.
Mega bundle owners click the image below to download your free updates!

Get next week’s plans below!  We are working on making choices with Hey, Little Ant!

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