Recap of Week 12 and Peek at my Week 13!

Heeeeey!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Here in Missouri we have heard the rumble of a four letter word that could possibly make a debut soon….S.N.O.W.  Hopefully they are getting hyped up about nothing, but still I prefer warm weather!  This week in class we worked on making choices with Hey, Little Ant!

The plans directly below are from last week and you can view my plans for next week at the bottom of the post!

Here are our essential questions for the week!

We also made a chart of reasons that the ant should or should not be squished.  They chose reasons from the book and some of their own.  Each kiddo then made a mark for their choice.  Although, by the end of the week most had moved over to the not squishing side…no I did not influence their decisions 😉

On Friday our cumulative activity was to write what we think the boy should do.  I forgot to snap pictures but they turned out great!  You can snag the freebie writing paper we used by click on the link below!

The kiddos jumped right in to a couple of my new packets!  My above level guided reading group started these mixed CVC/CVCe writing strips!

My intervention group used my new fluency passages!  This past week we were working on short a, i, and o.  This week they will be using the passages that contain all of the short vowels.

In KinderPhonics this week we worked on the letters Ff and Bb. Here is our beginning sound chart the kiddos helped me create!


I couldn’t remember but I don’t think I’ve shared with you our weekly ELA skills checks.  These are a very QUICK way to assess the students for skills we worked on during the week!  The book in the back is my teacher directions for each skill check!

I also wanted to give you a little update on writing and share a few writing freebies with you!  I tell you writing is now one of my most favorite times of the day!  It’s not that I didn’t like it before, but it was constantly racking your brain and to what and how to teach our young writers a love for writing and the tools to do so!  After starting the Lucy Calkins Units of Study I no longer have to guess…she has fabulous ideas and the kids have bought in and just light up when I call them my writers!  

 I’m playing with legos.
Okay, how about some freebies?  Each month I’ve been sharing my dated writing paper with you and yes I am really behind this month! Sorry 🙁  In the download below you can also choose from non-dated paper for your kiddos!

 We have also been working hard on making sure not only can the teacher read my story, but that I can too!  This poster has helped with that so much.  We review it each day and I can quickly ask for the kids to reference their checklist that matches this in their folder.  We have also give our pencils a few jobs…three in fact 😉
 This past week we worked on knowing that our words should always have a vowel.  The kids CRACKED UP when they heard me read the words below without vowels in them.  They decided they would make sure their words had a vowel so they didn’t sound so silly!
You can download these posters for free by clicking below! 

 Well friends that is all I got for now!  You can download my plans for next week by clicking below.  Our close read for the week is for Veteran’s day…how fitting 🙂



  1. Love the freebies! Thanks so much. We have done 2 of your close reads so far this year (not enough time in the schedule to do them every week) and the kids have rocked it. I absolutely love everything you create. Thanks for making my job easier!

  2. How long does it take to do the pictures for the letter charts? It takes us a long time to get through drawing pictures for 2 letters, but then again, it takes them awhile to think of words. Where do you get the books for your close reads? I've never heard of nor seen some of them.

    1. Hi there! I do half of each letter's chart for 1 day…so Monday and Tuesday we do one letter and Wednesday and Thursday we do the next letter. I only spend maybe 5 minutes on it…the kids could keep going and going. We also read the Alphatales letter books which helps get them thinking about the letter sound. My close read books are an assortment of nonfiction and fiction! On my TpT site you can download the close read bundle preview which lists all of the texts! 🙂

  3. Hello! I couldn't help but notice the lesson plan behind your close read in the first picture! Is this your daily lesson plan or a lesson plan specifically for your close read? It looks great! Very interested 🙂

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