Recap of Week 13 and Peek at my Week 14!

Hey friends!  Sorry this is a late posting…I’ve been so busy putting the final touches on December Taking Back Weekends that I completely lost track of time! 😉  This past week our close read was for Veteran’s day!  This is the first time that I really felt the kids understood what a veteran is and the sacrifice they’ve given and some still give for us each day!

Last week’s plans…..

Our book for the week was perfect!  It had great photographs which led to one of our essential questions for the week….

This week’s vocabulary…..

The kids gained a great understanding to the meaning of the word, veteran!

We also watched THIS Brain Pop Jr video as we learned our important American symbols!

Miss Kindergarten saved the day again with these ADORABLE soldier boys and girls!
View the craft HERE.
This week our KinderPhonics letters were Ii and Gg!  Just love the drawings they come up for the words…”itch” might be my favorite for this one!

 Earlier in the week I posted this on Facebook to express my LOVE of math….

So….I have a confession… I LOVE MATH! Not that I didn’t love it before…but I for sure love it now! This year all we do is play…of course it is a learning kind of play! We talk about math, we play math games, we talk more about math…and do it all over again! I always thought that math was something I could just explain and they would “get it!” Now, that we are making it a point to talk about math as we “play”…they are truly “getting it!” 

Here are some of the games we played this week!  We were working on more, less, same….and in all!

 These 3 lessons and 7 more have been added to my KinderMath unit!  You can snag it on sale on end of the day Monday!  It will be a growing unit, so you’ll want to snag it while the price is lower!
That’s all I got!  You can download this week’s plans below!  We are reading Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant!  You can also snag a freebie vocabulary exit ticket below!

      Click below to download the freebie vocabulary review!



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