Recap of week 3- All About Apples!

It was apple week and it was a fun week!  I LOVE summer, but there is something about the start of fall that is sure nice!  However, Missouri seems to have petal to the metal on summer…maybe it will be fall soon?  This week our KinderLiteracy close read book was Apples for Everyone!

We built our prior knowledge using our bubble chart and then added additional facts from the text after reading it the first time!  The kiddos have been doing great with their turn and talks!  I was a little worried at first but they’ve warmed up a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

The kiddos also made great connections to the KinderLiteracy vocabulary words this week!  We also always add motions to the words to include the whole-body movement connection!  For bloom we had our hands open as a flower.  For the word ripe we picked an apple and took a bite bite *crunch*  For thus we took our fists  and slammed it into our other palm! Rot was easy…we plugged our noses and said phew!  For dribble we took a bite and wiped the juice from our chins.  Adding the movement has increased their ability to retain and USE the vocabulary words tremendously!

We also took time each day to use the follow-up blackline masters from KinderLiteracy!  Below we illustrated an apple tree with blooms and an apple tree with ripe apples!

This KinderLiteracy blackline master had kiddos work on inferring …what would happen if there were no seeds in our apples? EEK!

On Friday we did our weekly craft!  I purchased the thin poster board and cut them right down the middle.  I then did the tree outline in marker and the kiddos colored it in!  I cut apples down the center and the kids dipped the apples into red paint and placed their apples on the tree!  I think they turned out just precious!

We also did a little apple taste testing!  After taste testing we charted our favorites and….red won!  I prefer green myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

We wrapped up our KinderLiteracy apple week with our weekly skill check!  These are included within the units so you don’t have to re-create the wheel!

This picture is from the previous week but wanted to share anyway…from when we were focusing on 1:1 reading!  We still are, but this was a whole-group lesson! ๐Ÿ™‚


We are also still plugging along in KinderPhonics! I add the letter poster to the board each day…so the kids get to be in the process of building the ABC chart!  I have seen that the kiddos really connect and take pride in the ABC chart knowing they learned each of those letters one-by-one!

We follow-up our KinderPhonics lesson each day with the matching black line master!  These are perfect for those new little learners because they have guidance for the letter formations!  I am CONSTANTLY repeating the letter math of movement prompt!  I feel if I say it enough the kiddos will hopefully be saying it to themselves as well….down, across, across, across ๐Ÿ™‚

We also are taking time each day to work on handwriting!  I use this classroom handwriting helper from KinderPhonics and display it on the smartboard.  The kiddos are then able to follow along on their whiteboards!

After the whole-group handwriting practice we work on these rainbow write alphabet sheets!


Now off to talk a little about daily five!  This week was our first week to do REAL daily five!  Monday was the first day so I spent the majority of my time walking around the room and making sure the kiddos were on task and answered questions they had!  I had the kiddos that would normally be at my to self!  After Monday I started to pull groups so I got my three groups in each day!  I will never be able to understand what it is exactly about daily five time, but the kids just LOVE it!  You would think an hour of working quietly would be BORING, but it’s not…they love it!  I offered  A LOT of praise and we pulled lots of lucky ducks and moved up clips, put in stones, etc! I think it’s important to really praise the kiddos and build up their confidence of working independently!

Alright, now  a look at each daily five!

In word work the kiddos have lots of hands-on activities!  I will be switching these activities out mid-week so I’ll be sure to update you with what I have in there!  I shared this idea over the summer…it’s easy and cheap!  I wrote the letters on the means and the kiddos sort them into the muffin tin!

Kindergarten kiddos always love a little chicka boom boom!  You can snag this center for free HERE!

We also have a little playdoh fun going down too!

For work on writing I still have these ABC sheets in their folders!  I like them because they practice writing on one side but the back offers coloring practice which keeps them busy until we build more skills on writing independently!  I get a lot of questions about where these sheets are can view them here!


For listening to read I use portable cd players…I’m sure I am the only one HA!  So, we take some time discussing how to work those!  I also made little cards to help them figure out which buttons to push!  Surprisingly it helped ๐Ÿ˜›  We are also using StarFall as well!

To keep the kiddos busy for the entire round I have left these simple recording sheets!  The kiddos color their favorite part and how the book made them feel!  You can snag the recording sheets for free directly below!


In my classroom I swapped out read to someone with explore!  Especially at this time of the year  I feel my kiddos need the opportunity to work those fingers and build fine motor skills!  You can see what I have in my explore tubs HERE!

Next week is all about the seasons!  You can view those lesson plans with clickable links be clicking below!  Have a SUPER start to your fall season!

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  1. Most of the books I have are on cassette tape; have had them since I started teaching 25 years ago! Your kinder phonics lines are exactly like Fundations lines. When the kids write, they are suppose to repeat after me as I give oral directions on how to write them. How did you do the apple painting whole class and keep them all on-task? My classes this year are so needy.

  2. Hi there! I was reading your blog post here and in it you have Listening Comprehension sheets. You have that it is linked, but when I click on it, it takes me to your Teachers Pay Teachers page and I cannot find them anywhere! Do you happen to have a different link that works? These would work so well with my students. I currently have other ones, but the students don’t enjoy them and I don’t feel like they are filling them out the right way, no matter how many times I explain it. But these in your blog are great! Thanks in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

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