Recap of week 4- All About The Seasons!

Well it’s fall y’all but still doesn’t quite feel like it yet here in Missouri! I LOVE summer but ready for fall to make its appearance! This week our KinderLiteracy book was A Tree For All Seasons!  We studied the seasons and more importantly…how a tree changes each season!  You can see our craft for the week!  We practice cutting and snipping some more with strips of paper for our leaves!

Our KinderLiteracy vocabulary for the week minus collect because I somehow chopped it off!


This week our paired our main text with Tap the Magic Tree! The kids LOVED this book and it was an instant hit!  The book is very interactive and the enjoyed being part of it!

We also sequenced the trees for the seasons!  This is out of my original close read packet, but will be added to KinderLiteracy as well! 🙂

I have been trying something out new in writing time!  I used to display the same writing paper as the kiddos which is still a great idea, but I really wanted to focus on opening their eyes to what we’re writing about so I started posted large pictures with writing lines at the bottom.  I do this in PowerPoint and then just click the presentation button so it’s full screen 🙂  I also dim the lights and turn on relaxing music! I absolutely love writing time!

We have gotten pretty confident with our sentence starters using high frequency words and now we’ve moved on to stretching our additional sounds!  We even “graduated” to get our own ABC chart during writing time!

I like to start my writing time with a quick mini lesson!  Below is a snapshot of our spaces between words mind lesson!  I wrote a line from Twinkle, Twinkle all jumbled up and we decided that was no good!  I then wrote it using finger spaces and once more using finger spaces between each letter!  We discussed how the middle one was PERFECT… not to close, not too far, but just right!


This chart came from our letters make words mini lesson!  For this lesson I wrote letters at the top of the chart.  We then said each letter and its sound.  I led a conversation about how letters alone do not make words, but when the work together to join other letters then words are made.  As we said each sound slowly in the word I crossed the letter off at the top!

We also took time to make a topic chart on things we LOVE to write about!

In small group we are cruising along but I wanted to share a couple “new” things I am doing this year.  With this group I have cut up the letters in their names and they work on mixing, fixing, and writing!  In the past I did magnetic letters which is great too…for some reason I just stuck with this one! HA!

My little sweeties in that group are also working on mixing and fixing up sentences!  They are *so* proud of their hard work!  After they have glued down the pieces they get a chance to illustrate it too!

I have compiled 20 sentences along with a recording sheet in this new packet!  It’s $3.50 in my shop but you can download it for free if you own the Endless Kindergarten Mega Bundle!

We’ve also been cruising right along in KinderPhonics as well!


In math we are working on numbers up to 8 and the kiddos have helped me for a week work on our classroom number line…so they were super excited to get one for each partner group!  They worked quickly on Friday to fix it all up and then do it all over again!  This routine is part of my KinderMath packet along with the cards! 🙂

This is a quick and fun number sense game for number identification and comparing!  Each partnership had a baggie of number cards and bunnies.  Each partner would pull a card, read the number, show it using bunnies, and then compare with their partner!

These freebie number posters are from Miss Kindergarten!  We will make it to 10….soon enough ha!

Our Star Work board has a new color by number sheet displayed! 🙂

Alright, enough of that week now on to this week and I am SO excited!  It’s our new theme from KinderLiteracy- Transportation!  We have a lot planned including a field trip to the airport! You can check out those plans below!



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