Recap of Week 5 and Peek at my Week 6!

Hey there!!!  It’s another week down…and this week was a fun one- – Apple Week!  The pictures below will be from week 5 and you can download those lesson plans directly below!
First up is our Apples Close Read!  Here is our “bubble chart!”
The kiddos really connected with our vocabulary words this week along with the actions!  I’m guessing rot and thud were the top favorites! 

We also had an apple taste testing!  The mister {love him dearly} picked up the apples for me and yeah those last set aren’t exactly yellow, but the kiddos bought it!

Here we are tracking our data… red apples won!

The graph above along with the ADORABLE apple craft below comes from Jennifer’s apple packet from First Grade Blue Skies!

Here we are using some fine motor skills to tear and glue pieces of paper to our apple templates!  This page is found in my August Taking Back Weekends packet!
How about a little talk on guided reading?  I need to whip up a detailed post for this, but I am slacking– sorry!  You can search guided reading on the side bar and get a lot of detailed posts from last year!  Below is a shot of my kiddos playing mix and fix with their sight word!
Are we writing yet during guided reading time?  You betcha!
Alright a few randoms but good to know details… I got this poster from Jennifer at Simply Kinder last year and I use it LOTS!  You can download is here!

I’ve been utilizing my lucky duck cup A LOT during daily five!  After each round I choose 3-4 lucky ducks…who doesn’t like being a lucky duck?  You can grab this freebie HERE.

I purchased these dry erase sleeves from Oriental Trading and have found so many uses for them.  I have my KinderPhonics handwriting sheets in this set and we practice our letters and numbers!  I also use these intead of whiteboards during math, etc just because they are easy to clean up!

For listening to read we are still using the computer {Starfall} and the tablet!  We are also listening to books on cd!  For those the kiddos are illustrating their story on their recording sheet!

For work on writing we are still practicing our letters!  I will be starting story starters very soon! 🙂  The Moffat Girls have these practice sheets here!


I changed all of my literacy center baskets this weekend so I will share that update soon!  Here is what we had in our baskets last week! Cookie sheet ABC order!

Deedee made this adorable themed packet and my kids are having a blast with rollin’ it!

Next week’s comprehension skill focus is story structure!

•- How does the author feel about
How did the graphics help you understand the section about _____? 

between information provided by pictures and words in the text.

You can download next week’s plans below!

I’m linking up with Deedee below!


  1. I love reading your lesson plan posts and seeing your activities in action! Your handwriting sheets have the same labels as Fundations uses on theirs. I am still waiting to start Daily 5 rotations as I have just 20 min. for it. For the students listening to reading on the computer, how do you keep them from closing out the website and going to a different one. Even after I have stressed to stay on it, kiddos are still going to games they play at home.

    1. Hey there! I leave a book marked icon on my desktop and for starfall I changed the icon to a star and left it in the center of the desktop. If they accidentally click out of the window they can click the icon and up it back up. I've never had kids go to a different website before.

  2. Hi Tara…I want you to know that I love reading your updates about your Daily 5 on your blog (which I check daily by the way). PLEASE keep them coming! I am totally using you as a guide for my first attempt at this and I appreciate all of your help.

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