Recap of Week 9 and Peek at my Week 10!


Heeeeey!  BAM! Yes, that was me closing the door on another week!  A fun one with lots of learning, a big test, pumpkins, field trip, and grandparents’ day!  And in one word…SUCCESS! The activities below are from my week 9 plans which you can download directly following…and I will post next week’s plans at the bottom of this post!  Let’s get started!

Our close read this week….Pumpkin  Town!  One of those books with a powerful underlying meaning!  A lot of you might already have this book stuffed on your shelf…if so pull it out!

Our essential questions…

and vocabulary…

This week we were also learning about adjectives and our five senses!  We took it to writing when we used our five senses to describe a dog, popped popcorn, and lastly this pumpkin!  I have to say the popcorn was my favorite, but they equally loved them all of course!

Our sight word for the week was see!  You can check out their descriptive pumpkin stories…

I see the gooey pumpkin.

I see the little pumpkin.

 I see the pumpkin pie.
 I see the scary pumpkin.

 We worked on letters Aa and Tt using Unit Two of KinderPhonics!  Aren’t their illustrations just the best?! 🙂

This week in math we talked about length and comparing objects! This was simple and easy little comparison we did!  I had previously had several colored strips cut for a different craft.  Each kiddo got a white paper and I laid out several strips.  They cut the strips to different lengths to show longer to shorter snakes!  I thought they turned out great!
We also got to math talk about comparing objects.  I placed several different items into a baggie.  Students got with their math partners and chose two items at a time to compare.  I encourage them to use the math vocabulary we had been talking about…longer, shorter, bigger, smaller, heavier, etc!  

 Friday was grandparents’ day!  We had so much fun entertaining and showing our grandparents around!  We made these adorable crafts….


We also illustrated ourselves as grandparents! This sheet along with more grandparents’ day ideas can be found in my October Taking Back Weekends packet!

You can download my plans for next week below!  Also, be sure to click”download” so the hyperlinks will be active!  Next week is parent-teacher conferences so wish my luck and hand over the caffeine! 🙂  Have a great week…although I will be back soon to visit with you….number sense and phoneme segmentation!  

And here is what we’ve been up to in our word work baskets and work on writing folders….

1) Build, Word, Write
2) Candy Corn CVC Word Match-Ups
3) Easy as Pie Rhyming
4) KinderPhonics Interactive Notebooks

1) CVC Writing Strips
2) Freebie lined writing paper
3) Label it!
4) Story Starters

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  1. Tara….thank you so much for including what the kids are working on during the Daily 5 time. I love it! I have purchased both of your Guided Reading and D5 bundles from TeachersPayTeachers and it has made my first year of implementation so much easier. My students actually cheer when I tell them it is time for Daily 5…yeah! Thanks for all of your hard work and for sharing your ideas on your blog! You are a terrific inspiration!

  2. Thanks again for sharing your fun activities! How did you do the writing lesson with the sight word "see"? How did you get your students to sound out their words? My students won't try, even if they do know how. I have a few who don't know sounds(and letters) so how do you help those kiddos? Did you do this whole class or small group?

  3. Great lesson plans! Thanks for all of the ideas too. I was wondering if you knew when you would be putting your November Teachers Take Back Their Weekends pack on tpt? I would love to get a head start on planning. Thank you!

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