Reports-Number Bonds-Zoo-Spring & Freebie!

Hello!  It is finally looking like Spring here in Missouri!  Today could have actually passed as Summer, 80 degrees!  This week in Writing we are working on reports.  Today’s report was based from a story we read this morning, Red Eyes, Blue Feathers.  We chose one animal from the story to complete a group report on.  The students voted on chameleon.  Check out a few of our reports below.  We will continue to build on our reports throughout this week, into next!  See below for a fabulous report freebie!
Click for report template {freebie} via {Ashley Klein}
Last week I posted pictures of our grass seed people.  The kids were so excited to see that their grass seed had grown over the weekend.  This “experiment” is fabulous!  Just a few supplies; cups, soil, grass seed, and water! 
This week in Math we began to work with Common Core number bonds and the story of 5.  We will also work with number bracelets starting tomorrow!  The following is the “story of 5.”  This is our first year for the Common Core hence our first attempt at this concept!  I was SO excited and thrilled to see how great the kiddos did.  To help with the concept I told the students that we need to make 5 each time and held up five fingers.  Furthermore, when we came to 4 and ___ I held up 4 fingers and had the students tell me how many more I needed to make 5 (fingers not held up on that hand).  Hope that makes sense!!!  Here is our Story of 5 chart. 
We then went on to the number bond of 5.  The first number bond of 5 practice has pictures to aid the students.  The second practice does not have the helping pictures.
And the student’s completed work:
Grab these number bond practice pages at my Tpt store.  Click below to hop over there!
And lastly this week in Content we began Deanna Jump’s {zoo unit}.  Our first attempt into the Zoo world.
Striped animals, spotted animals, we like you!!
Have a fab-ulous week!


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