Research in K! {freebie too}

Hey there and thanks for stopping by!  This week my above readers jumped into their first research projects!  Each kiddo chose their topic last week and I hunted down books that fit their level!  After getting our hands on the books I had each student choose a question that they would base their research on.  The students all chose a question and set off to research…

I also provided the kids with their very own research notebooks!  They are recording the facts they stumble upon and any key vocabulary words they find.

We will work on compiling the information for a couple more days…then we will be taking this information and placing it into a pamphlet and presenting them to the class!  This has been so much fun and I love seeing their eyes light up with each fact they discover! 
You can snag the freebie templates and research phamplet by clicking below 🙂


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