Roarrr! Tiger Themed Classroom & Math Challenges! {freebies inside}

My district is home to the Tigers!! It’s so nice having all of the schools share the same mascot… and tigers are just magnificent! To honor my Tigers I have put together a tiger themed classroom decor kit. Included in the kit: days of the week cards {2 fonts}, months of the year cards {2 fonts}, desk plates, blank labels, locker tags, & an alphabet strip! The kit sells for $5 but it on sale for $4 until Wednesday, August 15th! Click the pictures below to check it out!
Here’s a freebie!!   Dress up your curriculum notebook with this insert!
Click the picture to download!

Now on to Daily Math Challenges!!  I purchased these super awesome journal prompts from DeeDee Willis a couple of weeks back.  If you haven’t seen them go check them out while they are on sale!  If you click the photo it will take you to her blog post about them and there’s a link to a freebie version to preview!

Anyway like I was saying… I absolutely love these and it gives students a chance to really problem solve.  I’m guilty myself of teaching a concept and giving the students a practice sheet to review.  However, with these journal prompts the students get a chance to really show what they know and to *think*  So many of our older students face these kinds of challenges on their standardized test…why not start them early? 

I love how DeeDee has it all set up for a composition or spiral notebook.  That makes it super easy.  However, in my classroom I already have a calendar notebook, writer’s folder, daily 5 writing folder, etc etc.  I wasn’t sure if I had the patience for another item that they would need to hold on to.  So, I decided to make little printables that the students glue their journal prompts to.  Same exact concept just without the notebook.  I’ve made several different versions {see below}.  I am working on a note to parents about how they can go over the daily math challenge with their student and give the student an opportunity to be an expert!  This is still a work in progress and I will give you updates to how it goes.  No doubt that these journal prompts will make a huge difference in my classroom!  Yay!

I can show my answer using pictures.

I can show my answer using pictures and words.

I can show my answer using pictures and an equation.

If you are interested in checking these out click before for the freebie!


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