THE SCIENCE OF READING: Literacy Podcasts Worth Listening To

kindergarten science of reading

This blog post is part of a Science of Reading series. This post is written by Lindsay Kemeny.

The more I learn about literacy, the more important it is to me to listen to high quality science of reading podcasts that encourage and understand effective, evidence-based reading practices. Here is a list of my favorite science of reading podcasts.

1. Literacy Talks

Of course I love this podcast because I’m one of the co-hosts! My colleagues and I love to bring our different viewpoints in as we discuss all things literacy. Stacy Hurst is a professor of teacher education, Donell Pons teaches adults with dyslexia, and I’m a first grade teacher.

Not to miss episode: More Than a Few Words About Vocabulary

Our episode on vocabulary is one of my favorites! You’ll come away with lots of practical ideas for teaching vocabulary in your classroom.

2. Amplify The Science of Reading

This is one of my go-to sources for information on the science of reading. The host is extremely knowledgeable, asks pertinent questions, and has a constant stream of expert guests.

kindergarten science of reading

Not to miss episode: Nurturing Automatic Readers

Check out this interview with Margaret Goldberg and Alanna Mednick from The Right to Read Project. They address the science of reading in an easy to understand manner.

This podcast also has a recent series where they deconstruct Scarborough’s Reading Rope, with a podcast dedicated to each strand of the rope. It’s a must listen! Listen to the first episode in the series here.

3. Melissa and Lori Love Literacy

This has quickly become one of my top favorite podcasts. Melissa and Lori are both fun, energetic, and engaging. They are both teachers so I love that their episodes are relatable and applicable. 

kindergarten science of reading

Not to miss episode: Episode 63: Kindergarten Teacher Reaches 100% Success Using Evidence Based Practices

I absolutely love this interview of a kindergarten teacher and how she learned about the science of reading and began implementing it immediately. It’s inspiring and entertaining to listen to. I hope they do a follow up interview!

4. Teaching, Reading, and Learning: The Reading League Podcast

I know I can completely trust any information shared here on the Reading League’s podcast. Laura Stewart is an amazing host and my only complaint is that there are not new episodes recorded more frequently.

kindergarten science of reading

Not to miss episode: Interview with Linnea Ehri

Perhaps my favorite podcast episode ALL summer is the interview with Linnea Ehri. It was riveting to listen to her as she describes an interaction she had with Ken Goodman (who is often referred to as the father of whole language). Linnea Ehri is a literacy legend and this is an episode I can’t wait to listen to again.

I also have to add the interview with Anita Archer. Dr. Archer is a personal hero of mine and I could listen to her all day. 

5. Triple R Teaching

I just recently discovered this podcast by Anna Geiger and quickly fell in love! Anna shares her journey into the science of reading. It’s fascinating listening to her reactions of being offended and put off by Emily Hanford’s articles and then her complete turn around to join forces with those of us implementing the science of reading. Her podcast is full of simple strategies and tips for teaching. Most of her episodes are only around 15 minutes long, making it an easy podcast to listen to on your way to work. 

kindergarten science of reading

Not to miss episode: My reaction to the article that reignited the reading wars

It’s hard to choose a favorite, but this one will be a great place to start!

6. Podclassed 

I love this podcast and Laura Axtell is such a great host. 

kindergarten science of reading

Not to miss episode: Digging Deeper Into Elements of Structured Literacy with William Van Cleave

I have always admired and respected William Van Cleave and the fact that he recently passed away makes this episode even more special. He is your go-to resource for writing, syntax, and grammar.

7. Glean’s Research to Practice Podcast Education

Glean Research is another solid podcast.

kindergarten science of reading

Not to miss episode: Reading Fluency Instruction: What It Is, Why It’s Important, and How to Assess It

Dr. Jan Hasbrouck is THE fluency guru and this is a great interview where she talks about some of her recent research. 

8. Edview 360

This podcast is sponsored by Voyager Sopris Learning. It is another credible podcast with a knowledgeable host, Pam Austin.

kindergarten science of reading

Not to miss episode: The Importance of Explicit Reading Instruction

I bet you can guess the guest from the title. It’s Anita Archer and, I mean, basically any time she gives a presentation or interview, I am hooked.

In Conclusion

Thank you so much Lindsay for helping us connect with science of reading podcasts that help us expand our Science of Reading knowledge and journey. Follow along with Lindsay’s future endeavors on her website, The Learning Spark. Be sure to catch all future blog posts in the series by viewing THIS tab. Thanks so much for joining in and see you again soon! – Tara West

kindergarten science of reading


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