Snakes Close Read {freebie included}

Hi there!  I hope this post finds your toes deep in warm sand…ahh who am I kidding?! 🙂  I posted this picture on my Facebook fan page and really got me thinking about summer….

Anyway, back to the reality of teaching and 50 degree weather here in Missouri 🙁 Last week’s close read was a sure hit!  I admit that snakes CREEP me out, but I learned so many new facts that the good outweighs the creepiness
This snake was our little friend for the week…it appeared all around the classroom!

For this close read post I am going to focus mostly on writing!  I have aligned a week’s worth of writing to go along with it and I would LOVE your feedback!  I am going to be working on adding in writing curriculum with my close reads so this is a trial!  If you are just getting started in close reads or researching them please click on the right side of my blog the words “close reads.”  You can read all of my posts! This week’s close read is another super nonfiction Scholastic Kid’s book!

Like all weeks, we start on Monday with a bubble chart!  We start the chart before our close read and revisit after our first read to add additional facts!  For this close read our essential question was to  compare and contrast a reptile and a mammal.

Day two as usual…all about vocabulary! Wednesday- text dependent questions and Thursday-collaborative learning day!  

  We worked on several snake writings throughout the week so on Friday we tried something new!  It was a mix between decoding and vocabulary!  You can grab this in the freebie below!

 Now on to writing…I will give you the day to day happenings for our week in writing!  It was really fun to tie in our close read to our writing block.  The kids had endless ideas and truly enjoyed writing time {yay}! Again, all of these writing activities are in the freebie packet below!

Monday- Opinion Writing {Do you like snakes yes or no?  Because…}

Tuesday- Opinion/Persuasive Writing graphic organizer {Are snakes reptiles or mammals?}

Wednesday Opinion/Persuasive Writing- Publish Tuesday’s graphic organizer
Thursday- Opinion/Persuasive Writing graphic organizer {Do snakes adapt for survival?}
Friday Opinion/Persuasive Writing- Publish Thursday’s graphic organizer





If you are interested in getting close reads started in your classroom you can click below!

All of the writing freebies mentioned above are in this FREEBIE download!

 Please let me know if you’d be interested in me creating additional writing activities like the ones above for ALL of my close read packets!  You can comment below or email me at ta******@ho*****.com
Have a super week!


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