Story Booklets {a freebie}

Someone pinch me….tomorrow is really the Friday before Thanksgiving break!  It always seems like if you can make it through September and October you are in the home stretch!

This week we worked on story booklets!  I did these the same time last year and my kids did very well.  We talked a lot about the jobs of being an author and how important it is to do quality work in their “books.”  Their books had a title page and four additional pages.  The first day they worked on the first two pages and the following day the did the 2 final pages.  We wrote books about our families.  Most students wrote 1 page for; mom, dad, sister/brother{s}, and a pet.  I have placed these story booklets in their Daily 5 work on writing folders as well so they can write additional stories. Below are a few snap shots from their booklets.  Be sure to grab your freebie story booklets below also!  



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